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Coming Into View

Coming Into View showcases sixteen oil paintings from the museum’s permanent collection—half landscapes and half portraits. These paintings highlight the...

The 52nd John H. Barrett Memorial Lectures

Stochastic Analysis and its Application, May 20 - May 22, 2024

Canvas: Assignments and Grades

This workshop will focus on the Canvas assignment tool faculty can use to track and/or improve student learning. Instructors will also learn the relationship...

5/21 2pm
Virtual Event
LOD Leadership Roundtable

Join other leaders in a roundtable style discussion about our influence with others. While this is designed as a follow-up to the March 21st LOD Leadership...

Leading Without a Title: Embracing Courageous Leadership in Your Role

Did you know you can be a leader without being in a "leadership position?" Leadership goes way beyond a title, and embracing this mindset is the first step...

Canvas Catalog

Canvas Catalog is an outreach platform for non-credit/non-degree related purposes. Colleges or units may use Catalog to offer professional development,...

5/23 1pm
Virtual Event
STRIDE for Staff

This workshop introduces participants to inclusive search processes. It is very interactive and provides opportunities to apply the content that is...

5/23 2pm
Virtual Event
Safe Zone at UT: Tier 3 Trainings

Safe Zone at UT is an educational workshop series focusing on: Basic language and terminology related to gender and sexualityAwareness and understanding of...

5/24 1pm
Virtual Event
Memorial Day

The university is closed for the holiday.

Meeting flier

Rocky Top Recovery's Mental Health Monday peer support meetings are an opportunity to connect with other students, share your struggles and progress, and...

Meeting flier

Rocky Top Recovery hosts a weekly All Recovery meeting for those in recovery from all forms of addiction. We welcome all stages and pathways of recovery to...

Canvas: Applying the UTK Canvas Course Template

This workshop/consultation session will assist you through the steps of applying the UTK Canvas Course Template to your Canvas courses. The template will...

5/28 9am
Virtual Event
Kidcam Summer Day Camp

This summer, your child can enjoy the ultimate summer experience at Kidcam Summer Day Camp at The University of Tennessee Knoxville.

New Leader Advantage: Bridges to Belonging: Cultivating an Accessible & Engaged Team Culture

Join us in a dynamic workshop designed for supervisors and managers seeking to foster a culture of belonging within their teams. Grounded in the university's...

5/28 10am
Virtual Event
Canvas: Quizzes

Canvas currently has two options for online assessment: Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes. Join us in this workshop session to learn about how the two Quiz...

5/29 10am
Virtual Event
Zoom: Introduction to LiveOnline@UT

If you currently use tools like Skype and FaceTime, or require an alternative tool for video conferencing for administrative or teaching needs, you'll want...

5/30 10am
Virtual Event
Web Roundtable

The Web Roundtable is a community of creative technical professionals sharing ideas, problems, and solutions related to web development and digital...

5/30 2pm
Virtual Event
 Tennessee Family Series

The Tennessee Family Series are webinars dedicated to timely and important discussions for Volunteer parents and families. This is an opportunity to hear...

5/30 7pm
Virtual Event
Canvas: What’s New in Online@UT

What's New in Canvas - Join us for this half-hour workshop and explore the latest updates in Online@UT (Canvas). It is important to stay up to date as...

5/31 1pm
Virtual Event
The Bottom: Stories from the Neighborhood

In Southern Black communities, our stories aren't simply passed down from one generation to the next—they serve as maps with markers for our future. This...

Zoom: What’s New in LiveOnline@UT

What's New In Zoom - Join us for this one-hour workshop and explore the latest updates in LiveOnline@UT (Zoom). The agenda includes topics such as exploring...

6/3 11am
Virtual Event
Office of Title IX: Office Hours

Join the Office of Title IX via Zoom to voice your questions, concerns, and provide feedback regarding the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights...

6/3 12pm
Virtual Event
Canvas Foundations: Getting Started

This workshop provides a foundational overview of basic features and functionality available in Canvas that allows instructors to build and support engaging...

6/3 1:30pm
Virtual Event
LOD Series: The Emotionally Intelligent Professional: Motivations Unveiled: The Driving Forces of Emotional Intelligence

In the third session of "The Emotionally Intelligence Professional", uncover the motivations behind emotional intelligence and its impact on personal and...

Canvas: Getting Started with Canvas Studio

This workshop will provide an overview of the Canvas Studio video platform - the next-generation online video learning platform. Canvas Studio integrates...

6/4 9:30am
Virtual Event