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Thompson-Boling Arena Cafe

1600 Phillip Fulmer Way


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Knox County Mussels and Snails: The Good, the Bad, and the Gone

Gerry Dinkins, curator of malacology, at the McClung Museum; and Barbara Dinkins, principal scientist, Dinkins Biological Consulting, will present "Knox...

1/25 12pm
Fire Lovers and Body Snatchers: How Fungi Survive Fires

Brandon Matheny, associate professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will present “Fire Lovers and Body Snatchers: How Fungi Survive...

2/1 12pm
Solving Energy Hunger with Molten Salt Reactors

Ondrej Chvala, research assistant professor of nuclear engineering, will present "Solving Energy Hunger with Molten Salt Reactors" Friday, February 8. The...

2/8 12pm
People and Climate Change

Lisa Reyes Mason, assistant professor and director of the College of Social Work PhD program, will present "People and Climate Change" Friday, Feb....

2/15 12pm
NetZero: Four Projects from the UT Institutute for Smart Structures

Professor James Rose, director of the UT Institute for Smart Structures in the School of Architecture and Design, will present "NetZero: Four Projects from...

2/22 12pm

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Schirtz, Tom

Schirtz, Tom left a positive review 11/9/2018

This was a really fantastic lecture/presentation. I'm not only interested in the subject matter but in the ways that the University can and does work with the Cherokee and it was very satisfying to see some of the results of this collaboration.

Stonecipher, Ken

Stonecipher, Ken left a positive review 9/7/2018

This information was excellent. The presenter knew his topical material.

Tolbert Jr, Jim

Tolbert Jr, Jim left a review 4/6/2018

I was very interesting. My only complaint was the venue. WAY to small to comfortably accommodate all the attendees. It was held at noon so I had every intention of eating my lunch and listen to the lecture. Unfortunately, it was standing room only and I was forced to stand the entire time and take my lunch back to my desk afterward and have a "working lunch" not ideal.

McGinnis, Frankie Elizabeth

McGinnis, Frankie Elizabeth left a positive review 4/6/2018

Really interesting

Fowler, Brittany Stack

Fowler, Brittany Stack left a positive review 3/23/2018

This was so informative and exciting to hear. I loved it and he did a great job explaining scientific information in layman's terms.

Mann, Caroline

Mann, Caroline left a positive review 3/2/2018

An hour well spent! I'd love to learn more about the economic benefits of the KUW - that was a benefit to unmanaged spaces that I hadn't thought much about.