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Ayres Hall

1403 Circle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996



Upcoming Events

Colloquium talk

Professor Zhongwei Shen, University of Kentucky

3/24 3:30pm
Statistics and Data Science seminar

Speaker: Johannes Krotz, UTK

3/27 10:20am
Algebra/Number Theory Seminar

Speaker: William (Liam) Coleman Bitting IV (UTK) Title: Explicit Constructions of Canonical and Absolute Minimal Degree Liftings of Twisted Edwards...

3/27 4:10pm
CAM Seminar

Speaker: Michael Herty Affiliation: RWTH Aachen Host: Cory Hauck Title: Gradient-free Optimization Methods and Its Mean-Field Limits Abstract: We are...

3/28 2:30pm
Probability Seminar

Title: A Feynman-Kac based method for the computation of the exit time probability of local and nonlocal transport problems* Speaker: Diego...

3/28 4:05pm

Recent Events

CAM Seminar


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Dean, Abigail Driscoll

Dean, Abigail Driscoll left a positive review 8/17/2019

A tad disorganized but fun overall