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Ayres Hall

1403 Circle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996



Upcoming Events

Statistics and Data Science Seminar

Speaker: Austin Lawson Affiliation: University of Tennessee, Knoxville Title: Persistence Curves: A framework for summarizing persistence diagrams ...

9/16 4:30pm

Speaker: Vyron Vellis, UTK Title: Analysis on thin Cantor sets Abstract: A set X is called uniformly disconnected (thin) if for any x in X and any r>0...

9/17 3:35pm
Rocky Top Tailgate

IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE! Join us for a Big Orange celebration on Rocky Top as the Volunteers take on Tennessee Tech on September 18. Experi­ence a...

9/18 9am
Class of 2024 Sophomore BBQ

Celebrate your successes at the Class of 2024 BBQ! Come join us on Ayers Lawn at 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM to grab some free food! The first 500 attendees get a...

9/22 4pm
Probability and Stochastic Processes Seminar

Speaker: Michael Grabchak (UNC Charlotte) Title: On the transition laws of tempered stable OU-processes Abstract: We derive an explicit representation for...

9/28 3pm

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Analysis Seminar


Analysis Seminar


Algebra Seminar


Algebra Seminar


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Dean, Abigail Driscoll

Dean, Abigail Driscoll left a positive review 8/17/2019

A tad disorganized but fun overall

Hoskins, Trentity L

Hoskins, Trentity L left a positive review 8/17/2019

Crowded but really fun