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Ayres Hall

1403 Circle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996



Upcoming Events

ASA Student Chapter

Title: Computational Social Sciences: Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration Alex Bentley, Head of Anthropology, UTK Abstract: Computational...

1/27 3:30pm
Algebra Seminar

Organizational meeting

1/27 3:35pm
Probabilty and Stochastics Seminar

Title: Particle representations for SPDEs with applications Speaker: Jie Xiong, Southern University of Science and Technology, China Abstract: In this talk...

1/28 2:10pm
 Analysis Seminar

Speaker: Mike Frazier (UTK) Title: Poincare inequalities and Matrix weights, part 2 Abstract: We will present sharp forms of Poincare's inequality and...

1/29 2:30am
CAM Seminar

Speaker: Joseph Daws, UTK Title: A partial decryption of machine learning for mathematicians Abstract: The recent explosion of research into machine...

2/12 3:35pm

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Analysis Seminar


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Rosinski, Jan

Rosinski, Jan left a negative review 1/20/2020

This event went ell. However, since Friday 1/17, I have boon trying to post the next seminar for 1/28; last time I retied to post it yesterday, as our IT specialist suggested, no result! TERRIBLE!! I am in charge of this seminar, we have an external speaker for 1/28, and people from different colleges can be interested to attend. But we do not have announcement posted yet!! Is your CENSOR trying to understand the math in the title and the abstract of the talk before releasing it?

Dean, Abigail Driscoll

Dean, Abigail Driscoll left a positive review 8/17/2019

A tad disorganized but fun overall

Hoskins, Trentity L

Hoskins, Trentity L left a positive review 8/17/2019

Crowded but really fun

Harmon, Haley Miranda

Harmon, Haley Miranda left a review 5/9/2019

We was told to arrive before 7:15. Some of us arrived at 6:30 and there was no direction to go ahead into AMB auditorium. After going into AMB AFTER 7:15 we had to wait until 8 for no reason. We could had been told to arrive at 7:30 and that there would be enough cords for everyone. The ceremony was great but we was also told we would get lays at neyland to the first 400 students. Once again nothing.

Hickman, Nicholas Duane

Hickman, Nicholas Duane left a positive review 5/10/2018

I think it was a great way to end my journey at the University of Tennessee. It was fun being able to be with all my friends and saying goodbye to the university we love.