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Baker School of Public Policy and Public Affairs

1640 Cumberland Ave., Knoxville, TN 37996


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Dr. Varsha Vijay

Companies across the globe are trying to manage their environmental impact and do their part to ensure that human activities stay within the bounds of what...

9/28 1pm

America’s youth are struggling. In the face of low academic performance, weak mental health, and a decline in college-going, especially among men, public...

10/3 5:30pm
Energy & Environment Forum: Dr. Chris Weible on "Policy Change in Oil and Gas Development in Colorado: Patterns and Explanations

One of the most significant innovations in U.S. energy policy, hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") has led to one of the biggest booms in natural gas...

10/5 1pm
Dr. Tony Schmitz

After outsourcing most manufacturing to China and other countries for several decades, the U.S. is now striving to revive a skilled workforce to manufacture...

10/11 1pm
National Security Distinguished Lecture: How Disinformation and News Silos Distort Thinking on National Security & Foreign Policy

Disinformation and news silos are exacerbating the poisonous political – and public – rhetoric that has infected even the relatively bipartisan sphere of...

10/17 5:30pm

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Buehring, Gavin Michael

Buehring, Gavin Michael left a positive review 8/18/2020

It was great!! Provided a ton of information!!

Bindner, Moira Ann

Bindner, Moira Ann left a positive review 3/22/2018

Exceptional event

Bindner, Moira Ann

Bindner, Moira Ann left a positive review 6/19/2018

Thoughtful, insightful, and a really great event.

Elizabeth DeGeorge

DeGeorge, Betsy left a positive review 2/12/2020


Morris, Bethany Margaret

Morris, Bethany Margaret left a positive review 10/9/2019

The speaker was very engaging and well prepared. My one criticism is that the talk didn't address the title topic "Ending Extreme Poverty without Endangering Ecosystems". Based on the research presented (which was very limited in the field) the connection between poverty alleviation and ecosystem destruction isn't clearly understood. It is known almost inherently but not truly quantified.

Hector, Judith Ellen

Hector, Judith Ellen left a positive review 9/11/2019

Engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. The presentation and then polling using Kahoots was very informative. I thought the film, Die goettliche Ordnung, was super at depicting the 1970's in Switzerland and had a number of moments of humor.