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Buehler Hall

1420 Circle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996



Upcoming Events

CHEM501 Seminar Spring 2024

"Organic Nanocrystals: Crystallization Mechanisms and Functional Materials" presented by Dr. Boris Rybtchinski from the Weizmann Institute of Science,...

3/7 1pm
CHEM501 Seminar Spring 2024

"Electrochemicl Engineering for Energy Transition: Green Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and Carbon Capture" presented by Dr. Yushan Yan from the University of Delaware

4/4 1pm
CHEM501 Seminar Spring 2024

"Predictive Laws of Membrane Elasticity: From Fundamental Principles to Practical Applications" presented by Dr. Rana Ashkar from Virginia Tech

4/11 1pm
CHEM501 Seminar Spring 2024

"Raman Spectromicroscopy as a Tool in Structural Biology to Investigate Complex Macromolecular Assemblies" presented by Dr. David Punihaole from University...

4/18 1pm
CHEM501 Seminar Spring 2024

"Investigating Aldehydes and Ketones as Monomers for Sustainable Polymers" presented by Dr. Robert Grubbs from Stony Brook University

4/25 1pm

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Buehler Hall

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