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Tuesday, December 3

The Ryan McDonald and Colt Jones Memorial Toy Drive

Toy drive benefiting Helen Ross McNabb Center. Drop off at any of the following locations: 202 Food Science Building 250 Brehm Animal Science...

Torchbearer statue emoji

We want you to join us on Rocky Top! Find out how to apply for admission.

Fundamentals of R&M and Best Practices Seminar

Course Description Instructed by Ramesh Gulati, Asset Management & Reliability Specialist at Jacobs - Asset Management Group, Tullahoma, TN Latest edition...

Exhibition: Science in Motion: The Photographic Studies of Eadweard Muybridge, Berenice Abbott and Harold Edgerton

September 20, 2019–January 5, 2020 Photography itself was born out of a passionate engagement between art and science. “…there needs to be a friendly...

Applied Statistics: Post Hoc Tests for Interactions (Special Topic)

Post hoc tests (from Latin post hoc which means “after this”) consists for analyses that are not specified prior to seeing the data and are used to explore...

IRB 101

This overview of IRB requirements and procedures is open to and appropriate for anyone who wishes to learn how to receive human subjects approval for...

The magnetism of double perovskites containing 5d transition metal ions

MATERIALS SEMINAR Department of Materials Science & Engineering Tuesday December 3, 2019 2:15 – 3:15PM ~ SERF 307 Please join us for refreshments at...

Seminar: Belinda S. Akpa, North Carolina State University

Title: "Realizing the potential of ‘tiny data’ – a cell biology case study." Abstract Stomata are the pores on a leaf surface that regulate gas exchange....

Chancellor Plowman Hosts Drop-In Office Hours

Chancellor Donde Plowman is hosting drop-in office hours in the Student Union. No appointment necessary.

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Barnes. SI Leader: Allison Campbell

CHEM 260 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 260 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Neal. SI Leader: Madonna Riyad

COSC 102 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

COSC 102 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Marz. SI Leader: Gregory Croisdale

CHEM 360 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 360 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Darko. SI Leader: Abby Fish

CHEM 100 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 100 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Boyd. SI Leader: Anna Belle Gallaher

Intro to Climbing & Top Rope Belay

The 1.5 to 2 hour belay clinic (limited to 6 people) teaches you the skills required to rock climb and belay (which is the process of controlling the...

MATH 130 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

MATH 130 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Pringle. SI Leader: Diana Son

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Musfeldt. SI Leader: Varun Rangnekar

Elf Movie Graphic

Come kick of the holiday season with us at our December film! We will be showing the movie, Elf, starring Will Ferrell. Doors open at 6:30 PM and the movie...

CHEM 130 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 130 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Yang. SI Leader: Annsley Ingram

PSYC 110 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

PSYCH 110 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Cooper. SI Leader: Sam Kilgore

Pancakes at Pendergrass

Tim Cross, senior vice president and senior vice chancellor for agriculture, is inviting all UT students to join him for a late-night pancake dinner on...

UTK Cello Studio Bach Recital

Studio recital; UTK cello students perform solo cello music by J.S. Bach. Performers reserve the right to change their program without notice. Not all...

Winter Chorale Concert

Ensemble event; The annual Winter Choral concert, featuring all the choral ensemble of the School of Music. Early arrival is advised in order to get a seat...

Tuesday, December 3