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Thursday, September 26

IM Singles/Doubles Badminton Tourney Registration

Registration is open for IM Badminton Tournament. General Information: Brackets: Coed Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Men's Singles, and Women's...

IM Wiffleball Tourney Registration

Registration is open for IM Wiffleball Baseball Tournament. General Information: Brackets: Men's, Women's, & Coed Location: TRECS Building and HPER...

Torchbearer statue emoji

We want you to join us on Rocky Top! Find out how to apply for admission.

WUOT Fall Fund Drive

WUOT Public Radio is holding its annual Fall Fund Drive September 21-27. Thank you gifts, daily giveaways, special guests and more! Visit for more...

Nancy A. Humphrey's Institute for Political Social Work's Campaign School for Social Work

Kate McClernon-Chaffin, Associate Professor & Online MSSW Program Director, and Julie Franks, lecturer in the Online MSSW Program & recent DSW graduate, are...

Exhibition: Science in Motion: The Photographic Studies of Eadweard Muybridge, Berenice Abbott and Harold Edgerton

September 20, 2019–January 5, 2020 Photography itself was born out of a passionate engagement between art and science. “…there needs to be a friendly...

CCI Diversity & Inclusion Week: Day 4 Sessions

Day four of the CCI Diversity & Inclusion Week includes two dramatizations on the topic of "Inclusive & Divisive Messaging" from 9:40 am to 10:55 am and...

HTML/ CSS: Introduction

This course will cover HTML and CSS fundamentals, including structure, syntax, and semantics, and will provide participants with a basic understanding of how...

10 x Relay - Cat's Cradle

The passing back and forth of ideas in painting is like the relay and return of the knotted patterns in the game of cat’s cradle. Each painting is a string...

Stormwater Public Meeting

This event is designed to give all Vols a chance to learn about Stormwater Management and the 2019 Annual Stormwater Report. The report is a summary of all...

SAS: Basics

SAS is one of the most popular software packages for data analysis and visualization. It is a powerful tool that enables programmers to perform various tasks...

The World is Finally at War on the Scourge of Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution has been a worldwide issue for years. Many have found ways to repurpose plastics and Nev Hyman has discovered the ultimate way to...

Gilman Scholarship Essay Review

Applying for the Gilman International Scholarship to help fund your education abroad program? Schedule a time to have a Gilman Advisor review your...

Kappa Kolor Wars

Philanthropy event for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. This event includes fun games with a colorful touch!

Workshop: Manage Citations with EndNote

Learn how to organize your research, automatically generate in-text citations and bibliographies, and share your work with up to 100 collaborators using...

Fall Chem501 Seminar

UT Host: Dr. Mark Dadmun Speaker: Dr. Michael Hore Assistant Professor, Macromolecular Science & Engineering Case Western Reserve University Title: ...

Vol Edition: Dress to Impress

This event is focused on ensuring you are best informed on what to wear for various business related settings (i.e. job interviews, job fairs, business...

CHEM 100 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 100 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Boyd. SI Leader: Anna Belle Gallaher

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Barnes. SI Leader: Allison Campbell

CHEM 260 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 260 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Neal. SI Leader: Madonna Riyad

CHEM 260 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 260 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Neal. SI Leader: Madonna Riyad

COSC 102 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

COSC 102 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Marz. SI Leader: Gregory Croisdale

Be Well Employee Fitness Class

Be Well is excited to have Rigazzi Wellness on campus to instruct a free yoga class for UT faculty and staff!


1% of the population stutters. Join people who stutter, friends, family and those interested in learning more about the impact of stuttering on daily living...

CHEM 360 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 360 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Darko. SI Leader: Abby Fish

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Barnes. SI Leader: Vincent Morales

Intro to Indoor Lead Climbing

Limited to 2 students/clinic. With hands on practice over 2 hours, learn the essentials of indoor lead climbing and lead belay. From how to clip bolts and...

MATH 130 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

MATH 130 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Pringle. SI Leader: Diana Son

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

CHEM 120 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Musfeldt. SI Leader: Varun Rangnekar

VIP Experience Edison, NJ

We’re bringing Rocky Top to New Jersey! Join us for a true VIP (Vol-in-Progress) Experience where we’ll celebrate UT traditions, answer all your questions...

PSYC 110 Supplemental Instruction (SI)

PSYCH 110 Supplemental Instruction (SI). Professor: Cooper. SI Leader: Sam Kilgore

Visiting Artist Lecture: Ridley Howard

The University of Tennessee School of Art will host artist Ridley Howard as part of our visiting lecture series this September. Ridley Howard’s oil...

UT Concert Band, Symphonic Band, & Wind Ensemble

Ensemble event Performers reserve the right to change their program without notice. Not all programs are determined prior to the performance. To view...

Thursday, September 26