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Monday, February 24

Dollar Sign

If you register for a 1st Session class between January 22, 2020 and the end of the semester, you will be assessed a Final Registration Fee of $200.00.

Dollar Sign

If you register for a Full Session class between January 22, 2020 and the end of the semester, you will be charged a Final Registration fee of $200.00.

IM Racquetball Tourney Registration

Registration is open for IM Singles/Doubles Racquetball Tournament. General Information: Brackets: Coed Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Men's...

Center for Student Engagement Crazy Fun Crafting Feb. 24. 12 p.m. SU 174

Join the Center for Student Engagement for a crazy fun crafting event! Get creative and let off some steam all afternoon at this daytime program.

Grad student working in Hazen lab

Dr. Brynn Voy of Animal Science: Feathered and fat: broiler chicks as a dual purpose model for childhood obesity

Eleni Kyriakidou.

Title: "Precise Catalyst Design for Emission Control Applications: from Diesel to Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles." Abstract As the emission legislation for...

Vols Vote in the Primaries

Early Voting for the Presidential Primaries is February 12-25. Don't miss your chance to have a say in the future of our country! Meet at the main entrance...

Physics Colloquium

Understanding Spin Liquids at the Nanoscale Presented by Joe Paddison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Abstract Cool most materials to low enough...

Algebra Seminar

SPEAKER: Mike Hanson TITLE: Non-ordinary primes ABSTRACT: Modular forms are special functions on the upper half plane which obey certain a...

PowerPoint: Getting Started

Get started right with PowerPoint! Take a walk through the basics of creating a great PowerPoint. Learn some of the best practices, how to tweak a template,...

Artist as Educator Talk:  Ethan Pignataro

Interested in art education? Join practicing artist, art educator, and former Tennessee Art Education Association East Region Art Educator of the Year, Ethan...

German Virtual Language Practice

Join the I-House to learn German in a fun and relaxed environment online!

Virtual Event
Mass Strike and Social Democracy

Luxemburg, The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions(1906) + Luxemburg, "Blanquism and Social Democracy" (1906)

James Merle Thomas

As an extension of his forthcoming book and related film project, James Merle Thomas will speak to the proliferation of "World Pictures" (Weltbilder) by...

Poster by Jonathan Glenn

Few movies dare to ask questions to their viewers as early as its title. Well, we've already got the answer for you - Thou'st brother art in the Cinema...

UT Creative Writing Series Presents author Joy Williams Feb. 24

On Monday, February 24, distinguished author Joy Williams will read as part of the University of Tennessee Creative Writing Series. One of the most...

Bass Studio Recital

Studio recital; featuring students of Jon Hamar. Performers reserve the right to change their program without notice. Not all programs are determined prior...

Monday, February 24