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Monday, July 12

Freezing & Drying Foods Workshop

Learn freezing and drying fruits, vegetables, and meats safely

Rise and Shine Zoom Series: Tips to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

We will go over budget friendly recipes, exercises, nutrition information, and food safety tips that well help you live a healthier lifestyle. This rise and...

Virtual Event
UT Gardens Tasty Plants Camp

Tasty Plants Camp July 12-16, 2021 Ages 6-12 Here at the UT Gardens, we love to eat, especially things we have grown! During this camp, we will learn all...

Family and Community Education Day Club

Join our community education clubs to grow in leadership skills, knowledge of current topics and volunteer opportunities.

Micah Folsom.

Title: "A Compact Neutron Scatter Camera Using Optical Coded-Aperture Imaging." Abstract The detection and localization of fast neutron resources is an...

Virtual Event
Outdoor Meat Cookery

4-H students will be taught how to safely handle, prepare, and grill meats utilizing an outdoor charcoal grill.

Master Gardener Information Session

This session will offer details on the upcoming 2021 Master Gardener 12-week training course scheduled to begin August 11, 2021.

Monday, July 12