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Monday, January 10

Classroom Tech: Classroom in Central Area of Campus, Consultation in Your Classroom  

Is your classroom located in the central area of campus? Sign up for this Classroom Technology Training during a time when your classroom is free. You will...

Encore: Comics Beyond UT

The UT School of Art is sponsoring an exhibit of the work of cartoonists and illustrators at the UT Student Union Gallery. It is entitled, Encore: Comics...

Graphic with text about the event, Exhibition from the Basement, along with event dates and times; graphics also show a brick stair-step (from left to right) along with a magnifying glass, a weave, a paint roller, and an ink stylus

Please join us for our Annual Art Education Exhibition featuring the work of our graduate students! Congratulations to all of the art education students...

Staff Performance Daily:  Diversity, Engagement, and Inclusion

This workshop is a collaboration between Human Resources and Office of Equity & Diversity. As part of our commitment to diversity, engagement, and inclusion...

Virtual Event
Canvas: Analytics for Student Success

Analytics can improve student success by providing insight into student learning behaviors. Faculty will learn how to assess the effectiveness of their...

Virtual Event
Tai Chi for Diabetes

Open to anyone that would like to help improve their body and mind.

Tai Chi for Diabetes

Class for anyone that wants to help reduce blood pressure, insulin resistance, stress and anxiety, and improve concentration, memory, balance and coordination!

4-H Wildlife Group Meeting

Open to all Hamilton County youth in grades 4th through 12th. If you are interested in learning to identify wildlife found in Tennessee by pelt, skull, call...

Monday, January 10