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SAS: ODS Graphics for Data Visualization (Special Topic)

The SAS ODS graphics procedures SGPLOT SGPANEL and SGSCATTER are a powerful but easy to use tools for creating publication quality graphics from your...

11/26 10am
Applied Statistics: Post Hoc Tests for Interactions (Special Topic)

Post hoc tests (from Latin post hoc which means “after this”) consists for analyses that are not specified prior to seeing the data and are used to explore...

12/3 10am
SAS: Analysis of Covariance Using (Special Topic)

An Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) is performed when a researcher would like test an outcome for differences in categorical factors, while accounting for...

12/4 10:10am
Data Collection: Hacks for Social Media Data Collection and Analysis (Special Topic)

Social Media Collection and Analysis Hacks: Social media data mining is one popular way social science researchers gather qualitative data. This workshop...

12/5 2:10pm

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Larson, Miriam Bender

Larson, Miriam Bender left a positive review 10/29/2019

The hands-on activities and tools were interesting and I enjoyed hearing about other people's plans for incorporating AR into their instruction!

Larson, Miriam Bender

Larson, Miriam Bender left a positive review 7/30/2019

Participants all remarked that it was very helpful for explaining a complex process and providing practice and plenty of resources for creating OER for classes and communications!

Salazar Bonilla, Andrea Beatriz

Salazar Bonilla, Andrea Beatriz left a positive review 3/12/2019

It was really usefull for my student life and for my future professional life

Plaut, Conrad Peck

Plaut, Conrad Peck left a positive review 3/5/2019

Very useful. But the system should send fewer reminders!

Wood, Lauren Christine

Wood, Lauren Christine left a positive review 2/13/2019

Helpful information by speakers and panelists!

Mason, Samantha Sue

Mason, Samantha Sue left a positive review 1/22/2019

The instructor was GREAT! Very nice and helpful. He was passionate about the topic and made learning a computer program fun! He WILL take the time to help if you get stuck so just say so if you need help. Wish i coukd attend all 4 of these classes! Thank you!

Liu, Yajie

Liu, Yajie left a positive review 11/15/2018

Instructor Zhu gave us a comprehensive introduction about Python. Especially the software platform and some basic knowledge, including the variables, functions, plots and some others. The platform she gave us is so effective and useful, some other new software always took me a lot of time to install. She also gave me some suggestions to learn and use python. Thank you very much.

Goddard, David

Goddard, David left a positive review 4/12/2018

Meetings like this help campus communicators learn about what others are doing and gain ideas and insight.

Communications Building

Communications Building posted a photo 8/31/2018

Chapin, Erin

Chapin, Erin left a positive review 4/12/2018

The conversation was really helpful and I think the idea of sharing our newsletters and resources will go a long way toward streamlining all our messages.