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Communications Building

1345 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville, TN



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Are you a student at the College of Communication and Information? Do you have career-related questions and need advice on your next steps? Stop by the CCI...

12/13 1pm

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Bindner, Moira Ann

Bindner, Moira Ann left a positive review 4/11/2018

Really great event. Thanks for gathering us all.

Atwood, Kasandra

Atwood, Kasandra left a positive review 2/16/2020

As a first time user, I learned a lot about how InDesign works.

Jung, Hwayoung

Jung, Hwayoung left a positive review 2/6/2020

It was really helpful to remind me of what I have learned programming. I want this workshop to be more frequently held.

D'Elia-Zunino, Renee D

D'Elia-Zunino, Renee D left a review 3/4/2019

interesting, but did not give any answers- that I know we should be getting soon

Larson, Miriam Bender

Larson, Miriam Bender left a positive review 10/29/2019

The hands-on activities and tools were interesting and I enjoyed hearing about other people's plans for incorporating AR into their instruction!

Larson, Miriam Bender

Larson, Miriam Bender left a positive review 7/30/2019

Participants all remarked that it was very helpful for explaining a complex process and providing practice and plenty of resources for creating OER for classes and communications!

Communications Building

Communications Building posted a photo 8/31/2018