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Africana Studies Program

Africana Studies Program

The Africana Studies Program at University of Tennessee, Knoxville is committed to producing and disseminating interdisciplinary knowledge about Africa, African Americans, and the African Diaspora around the world.  It promotes creative and critical thinking skills through rigorous research, teaching, service, and publication on the cultures, arts, institutions, histories, political economies, and philosophies of African peoples and peoples of African descent worldwide. Africana Studies is a multicultural, interdisciplinary, and transnational intellectual paradigm that anchors its scholarship on local, national, regional, and global scales. It conceives of the Africana world as extending from Africa to North America, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Asia, and Europe.

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A white woman with ear-length curly brown hair smiles at the camera. Behind her on the wall is yellow poster with a black and white image of a Black man's head.

The question of how people in contexts of upheaval and displacement cope with their experiences of trauma and loss is one of enduring significance to the...

2/29 7pm
Disabling Slavery & Reshaping Freedom: Why Harriet Tubman's Disability Matters

Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens offers a new interpretation of Harriet Tubman’s life and activism that centers her disability as inextricable to her work as a...

3/6 3:30pm

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