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Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering focuses our educational and research priorities on the development of new construction materials and processes, advanced sensor technologies, and data science techniques.

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TRANSP Seminar: Automotive Vehicle Safety: Lessons Learned from Aerospace Systems, Mark Whorton, UTSI

Abstract Tennessee has succeeded in creating a leadership position in the automotive industry by smart, timely investments. Since the opening of a Nissan...

10/19 3:40pm
Engineers Day

Each October, the college hosts Engineers Day, a tradition going back more than 100 years. Undergraduate engineering classes are dismissed for one day to...

10/25 10am
TRANSP Seminar: When Forecasting Fails – Assuring Infrastructure Performance in an Uncertain World

Abstract Forecasts of needs for and performance of transportation and other civil infrastructure systems are essential for supporting design and decisions...

11/8 3:40pm
GEOTECH/STRUCT/MAT/CONSTR Seminar: Finite-temperature stress calculation and phonon dispersion evolution in a uniaxially strained anharmonic crystal

Abstract Relationships between material structure and mechanical behavior are used to guide the design and improvement of engineering materials. As part of...

11/28 3:40pm

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