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Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering focuses our educational and research priorities on the development of new construction materials and processes, advanced sensor technologies, and data science techniques.

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Lawrence Anovitz and Juliane Weber

Applications of Neutron Scattering in Geochemistry Abstract Neutron scattering experiments provide to study a wide range of materials properties, including...

3/23 4:05pm
 “Oil Don’t Spoil”: ExxonMobile and the Challenges of National and Transnational Development in the Amazon Region

DESCRIPTION OF EVENT The visit of Dr. Vincent Adams to give a keynote at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in October 2022. Dr. Alexander’s lecture...

4/3 5pm
Mike Fiske

Moon to Mars Planetary Autonomous Construction Technology (MMPACT) - Constructing the Future on the Moon and Beyond Abstract As Man moves beyond Earth, it...

4/27 4:05pm
Tickle College of Engineering Senior Design Showcase

Each spring, the Tickle College of Engineering holds their Senior Design Showcase where students go beyond the classroom to bridge the gap between industry...

5/5 1pm

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