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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Altered species interactions in a changing world: ecological outcomes and management approaches

Dr. Kirsten Prior from Binghamton University (SUNY) speaks on Anthropogenic change is causing the re-organization of earth’s biota as species are moved...

9/20 3:30pm
Cod to caribou: Valuing natural capital based on ecological dynamics

Dr. Eli Fenichel with Yale university speaks on Wealth is the way one generation passes opportunities to the next, which makes changes in wealth central to...

9/27 3:30pm
Parasitism, Social Organization and Evolution

Dr. Shelby Wilson from the University of Maryland will come to speak about "Parasitism, Social Organization and Evolution." Individuals living in social...

10/4 3:30pm
How do you write a  science CV?

Applying for grad school? Preparing for the job market? Come to an undergraduate workshop in EEB to learn the differences between a curriculum vitae (CV) and...

10/9 12:15pm
Fish systematics in the genomic age

Dr. Fernando Alda with UT Chattanooga speaks on Resolving evolutionary relationships among groups that have undergone ancient and rapid radiations is a...

10/11 3:30pm

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