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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Species Interactions in Forest Invasions: The good, the bad, and the ungulate

Susan Kalisz, professor and head of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, will present "The Role of Species Interactions in Forest Invasions:...

3/1 12pm
How can we predict outcomes of stress-dependent, non-additive plant-symbiont interactions?

Dr. Christine Hawkes discusses plant symbiotic fungi can mediate plant stress tolerance, changing the way we think about controllers of plant physiology....

3/8 3:30pm
Navigating the Tangled Bank:  Environmental Impacts on Ecological Networks

Dr. Tim Wooten from the University of Chicago presents: Predicting ecological impacts is essential to guide environmental management and policy, but...

3/15 3:30pm
Evolution of sex differences when immunity is dangerous

Dr. Jessica Metcalf from Princeton University presents: Sex differences in immunity are found in many species. Known immune mechanisms in birds and mammals...

3/29 3:30pm
Mutualism: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Judityh Bornstein reviews the checkered history of the study of mutualism, a field that has only coalesced in the past twenty years. I will identify six...

4/12 3:30pm

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