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A white woman with ear-length curly brown hair smiles at the camera. Behind her on the wall is yellow poster with a black and white image of a Black man's head.

The question of how people in contexts of upheaval and displacement cope with their experiences of trauma and loss is one of enduring significance to the...

2/29 7pm
Disabling Slavery & Reshaping Freedom: Why Harriet Tubman's Disability Matters

Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens offers a new interpretation of Harriet Tubman’s life and activism that centers her disability as inextricable to her work as a...

3/6 3:30pm
An illustration of a single-file line of people in white clothes

About the Talk: Visiting scholar Erin McGlothlin (Washington University in St. Louis) will give a public talk titled "Imagining Operation Reinhard in...

3/18 3:30pm
Dr. Hayley Negrin

Guest speaker Dr. Hayley Negrin, University of Illinois-Chicago In 1677, an Algonquian Weroansqua named Cockacoeske put quill to paper and signed the Treaty...

3/21 4pm
Dr. Michael Willrich

"American Anarchy: The Epic Struggle between Immigrant Radicals and the US Government at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century" Michael Willrich, Leff Families...

4/1 4:30pm

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