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The UT Libraries serves the flagship campus of the state university system. The Libraries support the teaching, research, and service mission of the university and enhances the academic experience of each student at the Knoxville campus — through outstanding print and electronic collections, reference and instructional services, and top-notch facilities and technological resources.

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UT Libraries is providing a weekly online workshop series for students.

Join us for the ninth and final workshop in our Students as Scholars series as we explore algorithmic bias!

10/28 2:30pm
How to Vote

Join us for a 30 minute workshop on the process of voting. We will answer all of your questions and cover early voting, absentee/mail-in voting, and election...

10/29 6:30pm
Following their lead image

Not enough people (young or old) recognize the power of young people. We want the youth to understand that they and those around them are a resource. For a...

10/29 7pm
Open Sandbox: HathiTrust & HathiTrust Research Center

The Open Sandbox is a monthly exploration of open source digital research tools. We welcome scholars at all levels to be part of the conversation. Attendees...

11/5 3pm
Reflections on 2020 Election

Join us for a 30 minute discussion on your experiences voting in the 2020 election. What was the process like? Was it similar or different than what you...

11/5 6:30pm

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