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Analysis Seminar

SPEAKER: Stefan Richter (UTK) TITLE: Higher order local Dirichlet integrals and de Branges-Rovnyak spaces.

9/23 2:30pm
CAM Seminar

CAM Seminar Speaker: Xiaobing Feng Affiliation: UTK Title: Multi-modes method, ensemble method and multi-scale method for random PDEs and homogenization...

9/23 4:45pm
PDE seminar

Speaker: Cara Sulyok (UTK) Title: A Mathematical Framework to Augment the Q-MARSH Score in the Diagnosis of Celiac Disease Abstract: Celiac disease is...

9/24 2:50pm
Coarse Geometry Seminar

Coarse Geometry Seminar

9/28 3:30pm

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PDE seminar


CAM Seminar


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