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Analysis Seminar

SPEAKER: Vasileios Chousionis (University of Connecticut) TITLE: Quantitative rectifiability and singular integrals in Heisenberg groups ABSTRACT:...

2/28 3pm
Mathematical Biology Seminar

Speaker: Jessica Kingsley (UTK) Title: Modeling the Spread of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever accounting for Tick Co-feeding Abstract: Crimean Congo...

2/28 3pm
PDE Seminar

Speaker: Professor Seick Kim (Yonsei University, South Korea) Title: On regularity of elliptic and parabolic PDEs in double divergence form Abstract: We...

2/29 2:30pm
Math Junior Colloquium

Speaker: Dr. Letian Chen, University of Tennessee Knoxville Title: Minimal surfaces and the Bernstein Problem Abstract: Minimal surfaces are mathematical...

2/29 4pm
The 134th Annual Allen Medal

A math competition for all first year students

3/5 5:30pm

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Analysis Seminar


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