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CAM Seminar

Speaker: Gillaume Bonnet Affiliation: University of Maryland Title: A virtual element method for elliptic equations in nondivergence form Abstract:...

10/3 2:30pm
Analysis Seminar

SPEAKER: Matt Shaw (UTK) TITLE: Parametrizability of IIFS attractors ABSTRACT: In 1985, Hata showed that whenever the attractor K of a finite iterated...

10/4 3pm
PDE Seminar

Speaker: Prof. Hung Nguyen (UTK) Tittle: The large time stability of the stochastic reaction-diffusion equation in bounded domains Abstract: In this talk,...

10/5 2:30pm
Data Science and Statistics Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Jiahui Chen Affiliation: University of Arkansas Department: Mathematical Sciences Title: Mathematics-AI modeling for protein-protein...

10/5 4:30pm
Data Science and Statistics

Speaker: Antigoni Georgiadou Affiliation: ORNL Title: Enabling predictive science with uncertainty quantification on Frontier Abstract: All physical...

10/12 4:30pm

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PDE Seminar


Analysis Seminar


Analysis Seminar


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