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Analysis Seminar

Speakers: Shuler Hopkins and Tamara Riggs (UTK) Title: The moduli space of complex Hadamard matrices Abstract: During the past two weeks, Dr. Nicoara...

2/19 2:30pm
Jr. Colloquium

Speaker: Morwen Thistlethwaite Title: Classification and symmetries of knotsAbstract: For the topologist, a (classical) knot is a smooth simple closed curve...

2/20 3:40pm
CAM Seminar

Speaker: Zhiming Zhang Affiliation: Wayne State U Title: Construction of H2(curl) conforming elements and their application Abstract: In 1980...

2/26 3:35pm
Jr. Colloquium

Speaker: Frank Morgan Title: Least-area Polyhedral Tiles of Spaces Abstract: The cube is the least-area unit-volume polyhedron of six sides. What about...

2/27 3:40pm
Geometric Analysis Seminar

Speaker: Alina Stancu (Concordia) Title: On a curvature flow and some of its applications Abstract: We study a version of Ben Andrews’ curvature flow on...

2/27 5pm

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CAM Seminar


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