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Algebra/Number Theory Seminar

Speaker: Samuel Wilson Title: Birthday Brawl Abstract: We define games as a combinatorial object between two "players" given a specific set of rules. Our...

11/28 4:10pm
CAM Seminar

CAM Seminar Speaker: Joshua Siktar Affiliation: UTK Title: An Optimal Control Problem in Peridynamics: Analysis and Discretization Abstract: In this talk,...

11/29 2:30pm
Probability Seminar

Title: Maximal inequalities and Levy-Khinchine representation, part 2. Speaker: Jan Rosinski (UTK) Abstract: The Levy-Khinchine representation is...

11/29 4:05pm
Geometric Analysis Seminar

Speaker: Sathya Rengaswami Title: TBA

11/30 4:10pm
Junior Colloquium

Speakers: Pam Armentrout and Alex Freire (UTK) Title: Applying to graduate school: some things matter more than others.

12/1 4:05pm

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Probability Seminar


CAM Seminar


Algebra Seminar


Junior Colloquium


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