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Mathematics Events

February 21 - March 22, 2020

Monday, February 24

Algebra Seminar

SPEAKER: Mike Hanson TITLE: Non-ordinary primes ABSTRACT: Modular forms are special functions on the upper half plane which obey certain a...

Tuesday, February 25

Probability and Stochastics Seminar

TITLE: On Bose-Einstein condensation in the Luttinger-Sy model with contact interaction SPEAKER: Maximilian Pechmann, UTK ABSTRACT: We study bosons on the...

Wednesday, February 26

CAM Seminar

Speaker: Zhiming Zhang Affiliation: Wayne State U Title: Construction of H2(curl) conforming elements and their application Abstract: In 1980...

Thursday, February 27

Jr. Colloquium

Speaker: Frank Morgan Title: Least-area Polyhedral Tiles of Spaces Abstract: The cube is the least-area unit-volume polyhedron of six sides. What about...

Geometric Analysis Seminar

Speaker: Alina Stancu (Concordia) Title: On a curvature flow and some of its applications Abstract: We study a version of Ben Andrews’ curvature flow on...

Friday, February 28


SPEAKER: Frank Morgan, Williams College TITLE: Isoperimetric Problems ABSTRACT: The Ancient Greeks proved that the circle is the least-perimeter way to...

Wednesday, March 4

Computational Applied Mathematics

Speaker: Mitchell Sutton, UTK Title: "A New Theory of Fractional Differential Calculus and Fractional Sobolev Spaces" Abstract: This talk presents a new...

Analysis Seminar

Speaker: Guy David (Ball State University) Title: Quantitative decompositions of Lipschitz mappings Abstract: Given a Lipschitz map, it is often useful...

Thursday, March 5

DE seminar: Mitchell Sutton, UTK

Title: New Families of Fractional PDEs Arising from Fractional Calculus of Variations. Abstract: In this presentation we shall explore two new families...

Math Data Science

Title: TBD Speaker: Jimmy Scott, University of Tennessee Abstract: TBD

Friday, March 6


TITLE: Non-smooth calculus, embeddings, and group actions SPEAKER: Guy David, Ball State University Abstract: We discuss a class of metric spaces that,...

Thursday, March 12

Math Data Science

Title: TBD Speaker: Anastasios Stefanou, Ohio State University Abstract: TBD