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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

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 Experiential Learning Through Augmented/Virtual Reality

Participants will learn ways to incorporate augmented reality into their classes as an experiential learning approach. The workshop will provide pedagogical...

7/18 10am Transitions to LinkedIn Learning (Zoom Session) transitions to LinkedIn Learning

7/22 1:30pm
Microsoft Excel 1: Worksheet Basics

Students will learn the basics of using the Excel interface to accomplish the following tasks: create and edit worksheets, enter data and formulas, format...

7/29 12:20pm
Microsoft Excel 2: Forms, Charts, and Macros

The class covers topics in Microsoft Excel beyond the beginning basics. Topics include calculations, functions and macros on a form, creating and customizing...

7/31 12:20pm
Avoiding Copyright Issues With Open Educational Resources (OER)

This workshop features technologies that can be used to find and create free and copyright-free Open Educational Resources (OER) to use as learning materials...

7/31 1:30pm

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