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Office of Information Technology (OIT) Events

September 26 - October 26, 2020

Monday, September 28

Adobe Spark: Easy Ways You Can Have Your Students Create Assignments

Spark is a free cloud-based application that empowers you to create creative social media Post, Pages and Videos with voice-over. It’s very easy to use, and...

9/28 10:30am
Virtual Event

Tuesday, September 29

Microsoft OneNote: Collaboration in OneNote

A quick demonstration on how to collaborate in MS OneNote. We will talk about Sections and Pages, sharing Notebooks and finding Notebooks shared with you,...

9/29 10:30am
Virtual Event

Friday, October 2

R: Data Visualization

R’s ggplot2 package lets you visualize data, making even complex graphs easily. In this hands-on workshop you will learn the grammar of graphics approach and...

10/2 10am
Virtual Event

Monday, October 5

Microsoft Teams: Overview

Get a quick overview of how to use Microsoft Teams for your group. Learn about chats, channels, scheduling video calls, and lots more. We'll leave time for...

10/5 10:30am
Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 6

Web: Web Development Overview

Get your feet wet in the world of web design and development – learn about the broad range of ways to interact with the Internet today to create websites,...

10/6 11:30am
Virtual Event
Python: Introduction

In this hands-on workshop you will learn to use the Python programming language to create list, dictionary, tuples, and strings; how to manage your files and...

10/6 1pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, October 8

Presentations: Best Practices for Presentations

In this workshop, attendees will get tips on the best practices for designing, delivering and assessing presentations. Software covered will include...

10/8 9:50am
Virtual Event

Friday, October 9

Online, Self -Paced; R: Statistics

In this hands-on previously recorded zoom workshop, you will learn to program common statistical analysis including frequency tables, descriptive statistics,...

10/9 10am
Virtual Event

Monday, October 12

Adobe Rush & iMovie: Editing Videos

Participants will learn the basic of video editing using iMovie. The class will cover: Importing video footage and stillsCropping, trimming, and splitting...

10/12 2:15pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 13

Web: Introduction to HTML and CSS

This course will cover HTML and CSS fundamentals, including structure, syntax, and semantics, and will provide participants with a basic understanding of how...

10/13 11:30am
Virtual Event

Thursday, October 15

QuestionPro: Introduction

Introduction to QuestionPro: In this hands-on workshop, you will create and deploy a web-based survey using QuestionPro. Basic question construction (single...

10/15 9:50am
Virtual Event
SAS: Data Analysis

SAS is a popular package for data analysis and graphics. This workshop shows you how to run the most widely used statistics and graphics in SAS, as well as...

10/15 10am
Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 20

Adobe Photoshop: Compositing Images with Photoshop

ONE-HOUR WORKSHOP! Through the use of creative selections you’ll combine multiple images into one image.

10/20 1:10pm
Virtual Event

Friday, October 23


There are many different free and open source projects that aim to make the powerful R language easy to use via menus and dialog boxes. This workshop will...

10/23 10am
Virtual Event

Monday, October 26

Microsoft PowerPoint:  Getting Started

Get started right with PowerPoint! Take a walk through the basics of creating a great PowerPoint. Learn some of the best practices, how to tweak a template,...

10/26 10:30am
Virtual Event