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Office of Information Technology (OIT) Events

October 17 - November 16, 2021

Tuesday, October 19

Zoom: What’s New in LiveOnline@UT

If you currently use tools like Skype and FaceTime, or require an alternative tool for video conferencing for administrative or teaching needs, you’ll want...

10/19 9am
Virtual Event
Instructing: Leveraging Student Devices for Active Learning

"Can you imagine your life without a computer or smartphone? They make our lives easier, more efficient, and more connected. This goes for students, too!...

10/19 2:10pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, October 21

Microsoft OneNote: Collaboration in OneNote

A quick demonstration on how to collaborate in MS OneNote. We will talk about Sections and Pages, sharing Notebooks and finding Notebooks shared with you,...

10/21 9:40am
Virtual Event

Monday, October 25

One UT Grant Webinar: VOL First-Year Experience: Engaging in a High-Impact Practice

Join us fortnightly this year as we engage in meaningful conversations about developing materials and interacting with students to integrate High-Impact...

10/25 3pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, October 27

Microsoft Excel: Tips & Tricks

In this workshop, you will see some of my favorite features in Microsoft Excel, including using tables and pivot tables to look at data, data validation for...

10/27 10:05am
Virtual Event

Monday, November 1

Microsoft Teams: Overview

Get a quick overview of how to use Microsoft Teams for your group. Learn about chats, channels, scheduling video calls, and lots more. We'll leave time for...

11/1 9am
Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 2

Web: Web Development Overview

Get your feet wet in the world of web design and development – learn about the broad range of ways to interact with the Internet today to create websites,...

11/2 11:10am
Virtual Event

Wednesday, November 3

Python:  Machine Learning Using Keras (Special Topic)

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to use Python Keras package to build machine learning models and make accurate predictions. Topics will include...

11/3 11am
Virtual Event

Thursday, November 4

Microsoft Bookings: Overview

This workshop will walk you through the basics of setting up Microsoft Bookings. Bookings is an online app that makes scheduling appointments a breeze....

11/4 9:40am
Virtual Event
Zoom: Introduction to LiveOnline@UT

If you currently use tools like Skype and FaceTime, or require an alternative tool for video conferencing for administrative or teaching needs, you’ll want...

11/4 11am
Virtual Event
Research:  Logistic Regression Interpretation and Reporting (Special Topic)

Logistic regression is the appropriate regression analysis to conduct when the dependent variable is dichotomous (binary). Although it is a widely used...

11/4 1pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 9

Web: Introduction to HTML and CSS

This course will cover HTML and CSS fundamentals, including structure, syntax, and semantics, and will provide participants with a basic understanding of how...

11/9 11:10am
Virtual Event
Zoom: Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms can be a useful part of the Zoom experience, from organizing group discussions during class time to running multiple presentations in a...

11/9 2pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, November 10

Microsoft Sway: Building a Quick Online Presentation

This workshop will teach you how to create a presentation without staying up all night to learn a new software package. Sway is a Microsoft app available to...

11/10 11:10am
Virtual Event
Canvas: What’s New in Online@UT

What's New in Canvas - Join us for this one-hour workshop and explore the latest updates in Online@UT (Canvas). It is important to stay up to date as...

11/10 2:25pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, November 11

Research: Advanced Regression and Variable Selection Techniques (Special Topic)

In this workshop we will discuss recent advances in regression techniques which allow for modeling data when ordinary least squares regression assumptions...

11/11 10am
Virtual Event

Friday, November 12

Research:  Introduction to Bioconductor and its application in genomic data analysis (Special Topic)

This workshop introduces the basics of R-based open-source software Bioconductor and its application in genomic analysis. Using the analysis of microarray...

11/12 10am
Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 16

Research:  Geographic Weighted Regression (Special Topic)

"Geographically weighted regression GWR is a spatial analysis technique that takes non-stationary variables into consideration and adds a level of modeling...

11/16 11:10am
Virtual Event
Microsoft Planner: Overview

This workshop will walk you though the basics of using Microsoft Planner. Planner is a to-do/project management app that is part of Microsoft 365. It can be...

11/16 2:10pm
Virtual Event