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Physics and Astronomy

The University of Tennessee Department of Physics and Astronomy is a large, diverse department with a strong commitment to quality graduate and undergraduate education and world-class physics research. Our faculty and students work in both on-campus laboratories and with collaborations at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and several other research facilities around the world.

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Upcoming Events

Spring Stargazing: Note NEW Date!

Set your sights on the stars! Our Spring Stargazing event is now secheduled for Saturday, May 18th, from 6 PM to 11 PM. While meteor showers might not grace...

4/20 6pm
Jaki Noronha-Hostler

The strongest fundamental force of nature generates ~96 percent of the mass of the visible universe and binds together the building blocks of quantum...

4/22 3:30pm
Condensed Matter Seminar: Kinetic Magnetism in a Frustrated Fermi-Hubbard System

Nagaoka famously proved that introducing a single itinerant charge to the half-filled Fermi-Hubbard model can transform a paramagnetic insulator into a...

4/24 10:20am
Daniel T. Willingham

Abstract: When children start school, it is completely up to the teacher to see to it that students learn. But as they grow older, they become increasingly...

4/26 3:30pm
Condensed Matter Seminar: Quantum Many-Body Topology in Mixed States

Symmetry-protected topological (SPT) phases have attracted significant attention in the field of condensed matter physics due to their remarkable properties,...

5/1 10:20am

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