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Plateau AgResearch and Education Center

Plateau AgResearch and Education Center

Welcome to the University of Tennessee's Plateau Research & Education Center. Widely known for its contributions in fruit and vegetable research, the Center was established in 1943 and includes 2,100 acres in three locations.

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Vegetable Gardening 101

Get advice on how to plant, grow and harvest vegetables. An overview of raised bed gardening will be provided for folks dealing with shallow soils on the...

3/25 9am
Walk: Spring Native Plants

Join leader Bill in an activity to identify spring native flowers and ferns at the Obed River Park. We will meet at the parking area just beyond the...

4/15 10am
Native Plants & Biodiversity

Photos will show that native flowers provide a rich and aesthetic variety of colors in a garden throughout the growing season. Native plants are highly...

4/17 9am
Growing Tomatoes: Varieties, Planting, Common Problems, and Solutions

Learn the best varieties, heirloom versus hybrid, seeds and seedlings, planting, and ways to grow them. He will discuss mulching, pinching suckers, watering,...

4/29 9am
An Introduction to Tennessee Snakes

We will talk about the snakes that live in our state and how to identify them: where they live, what they eat, and which ones are dangerous. There will be...

5/4 10am

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