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Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate Research Seminar Series: Last Minute Summer Opportunities

What wil you do with your summer? Come learn about some last minute summer research opportunities in STEM, hosted by Emily Mitchell, Program Coordinator for...

1/31 3pm
Undergraduate Research Seminar Series: How to Conduct a Literature Review

Come learn about an essential skill in the research process: how to conduct a literature review. This seminar will be given by University Libraries.

2/7 3pm
Undergraduate Research Seminar Series: Responsible Conduct for Research (RCR)

Responsible and ethical conduct of research is critical for excellence, as well as public trust, in science and engineering. Consequently, education in RCR...

2/14 3pm
Undergraduate Research Seminar Series: How to Leverage Your Undergraduate Research

How can you use your research experience to grow? Andrew Seidler, Director of the Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships, will walk you through how...

2/21 3pm
24th Annual EURēCA – Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement

The university's largest display of undergraduate research. Students from all academic backgrounds will be presenting their research for the opportunity to...


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