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Analysis Seminar

SPEAKER: Myrto Manolaki (University College Dublin)

TITLE: A strong form of Plessner's theorem

ABSTRACT: Let f be a holomorphic function on the unit disc. According to Plessner's theorem, for almost every point ζ on the unit circle, either (i) f has a finite nontangential limit at ζ, or (ii) the image f(S) of any Stolz angle S at ζ is dense in the complex plane. In this talk, we will see that condition (ii) can be replaced by a much stronger assertion. This strong form of Plessner's theorem and its harmonic analogue on halfspaces also improve classical results of Spencer, Stein and Carleson. (Joint work with Stephen Gardiner)

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Wednesday, September 29 at 2:15pm to 3:15pm

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