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Big Hairy Grants: Why Bother Applying for Grants?

Big Hairy Grants is a workshop series for UT arts and humanities faculty who find grants to be somewhere on a spectrum from irrelevant to terrifying. Through informal presentations and open conversations, faculty will learn to navigate the often bewildering and intimidating, sometimes bureaucratic, but ultimately rewarding world of grants.

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September 20: Why Bother Applying for Grants?

Presenters: Amy Elias and Hannah Schmidt

For faculty in the arts and humanities, applying for grants can feel like just one more complicated task on a long to-do list, with little payoff. Amy Elias, director of the Humanities Center, and Hannah Schmidt, research development manager in ORIED, will discuss the wide range of grant options available, the very real rewards at stake, and the resources on campus to help faculty in pursuit of external funds.

October 18: What Exactly is a Sponsored Grant?

Presenters: Hannah Schmidt, Jill Passano, Sally Morris, and Urmila Seshagiri

Faculty attending this workshop will be able to speak with UT staff from ORIED and from Corporate and Foundation Engagement to learn the difference between federal agency grants, foundation grants, and institutional grants as well as some of the quirks that come with applying to each. Urmila Seshagiri, associate professor of English, will talk about her success with grants and provide inspiration for faculty looking to chart their own unique path to funding.

November 15: What on Earth Does That Term Mean?

Presenters: David Smelser and Drew Haswell

There are a whole host of grant-related terms that are at best confusing and at worst alarming to arts and humanities faculty accustomed only to personal fellowship grants. Examples abound: What is cost share? What is F&A and why is the university taking some of my grant funds? Why are they taking SO MUCH of my grant funds? What is a “limited submission” and why can’t I apply for that grant that I want? This session will explain all those terms and what they actually signify for faculty who don’t want to pull out a dictionary every time they apply for a grant.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 11:30am to 12:30pm

Dunford Hall, 2225 (UTHC large seminar room)
915 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, TN 37996