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Fall Chem501 Seminar

UT Host:  Dr. Brian Long

Speaker:  Dr. Kevin Noonan

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Carnegie Mellon University

Title:  “Developing Controlled Polymerization Techniques to Synthesize Conjugated Polymers and Polyelectrolytes”

Abstract:  Conjugated polymers are a highly interesting class of materials: they can display metallic conductivity upon doping, act as semiconductors, or they can be used as light emitters. These macromolecules are typically synthesized in a step-growth fashion using metal catalyzed cross-coupling techniques however, chain-growth methods are possible using catalyst-transfer polymerization (CTP). Chain-growth offers the opportunity to prepare new materials that are inaccessible using step-growth techniques. In this presentation, we will discuss some of our recent work constructing well-defined conjugated polymers using CTP. In particular, our efforts to develop new catalysts and cross-coupling tools to enable polymerization of challenging monomers will be discussed. Some time will also be dedicated to our work on furan and incorporating this building block into conjugated structures. If time permits, we will discuss some of our work on controlled polymerization strategies to prepare polyelectrolytes bearing unusual main group cations as membranes in alkaline fuel cells.  

Bio:  Kevin Noonan is originally from Newfoundland, Canada. He completed his BSc at Dalhousie University, his PhD work at the University of British Columbia with Derek Gates and his postdoctoral work with Geoff Coates at Cornell University. His interests lie at the interface of inorganic, organic and materials chemistry and he has a strong interest in the incorporation/use of main group elements in polymer science. He started at CMU in 2011 as an Assistant Professor, he was the recipient of an Army Research Office Young Investigator Award in 2013, an NSF Career award in 2015 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2017.

Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 3:45pm to 5:00pm

Buehler Hall, 555
1420 Circle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996

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