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Geometric Analysis Seminar

Speaker: Julian Scheuer (Cardiff University)

Title: The mean curvature flow in null hypersurfaces and the detection of MOTS

Abstract: This talk is based on joint work with Henri Roesch. We discuss the mean curvature flow in 3-dimensional null hypersurfaces. In a spacetime a hypersurface is called null, if its induced metric is degenerate. The speed of the mean curvature flow of spacelike surfaces in a null hypersurface is the projection of the codimension-two mean curvature vector onto the null hypersurface. Under fairly mild conditions we obtain that for an outer un-trapped initial surface, a condition which resembles the mean-convexity of a surface in Euclidean space, the mean curvature flow exists for all times and converges smoothly to a marginally outer trapped surface (MOTS). As an application we obtain the existence of a smooth local foliation of the past of an outermost MOTS.

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Zoom ID: 912 2826 6699

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 2:50pm to 4:05pm

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