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Instruction and COVID-19 Seminar

The seminar, Instruction and COVID-19, will focus on teaching. Panelists will discuss adaptations to classrooms, course formats, instructional strategies, new classroom technology, resources for instructors, expectations for students and more. Participants will learn about protective measures, training resources, and how to apply plans and resources to their area.

The seminar will be recorded and available on the provost's website.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 11:30am to 12:30pm

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Lectures & Presentations


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Heather Cockrum

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Recent Activity

Violanti, Michelle T

Violanti, Michelle T left a review 7/28/2020

I attended this expecting to be able to ask questions and get some answers. While some questions were answered during the session, the presenters either needed to talk for less time or it needed to be longer to give us time to ask our questions. Each time we hear a new presentation, what can happen in the on-campus classroom this fall changes (the latest being no active learning and assigned seats that cannot change during the semester)--classes begin in less than three weeks and it takes time to keep redesigning our courses. Many of us agreed to teach on-campus because we, and our students, feel it is best; yet, it appears that teaching on-campus has become lecture for 50 or 75 minutes because the classrooms are too large for discussions or student questions without technology, students cannot work together (even in the room I have been assigned for a lab), and we have to design two separate classes (one for those who can and one for those who cannot attend the on-campus sessions). It also appears that students are not being prepared for the differences they are going to experience in the hybrid and online classrooms. Ultimately, it would be excellent if the provost's office could take a few minutes to communicate with those who are teaching on campus with more than "we appreciate what you are doing."

Kit, Kevin M

Kit, Kevin M left a positive review 7/28/2020

Thanks. I appreciated the information about installation of new classroom technology.

Ambroziak, A Katherine Bambrick

Ambroziak, A Katherine Bambrick left a positive review 7/28/2020

I want to thank all the panelists for providing such targeted information and responses to questions. This was very helpful to hear, especially the safety information for faculty who have fears about coming to campus.

Lacava, Carol C

Lacava, Carol C left a positive review 7/28/2020

Very informative. The more information the better!

Winston, Annette Eads

Winston, Annette Eads left a positive review 7/28/2020

It gave me some comfort to see how carefully facilities services has been preparing our rooms, and it increased my anxiety to see how much technology I am going to have to learn quickly, especially since the University has me in four different buildings in my four back-to-back classes. I know you must need a miracle to get classes scheduled, but I find myself mostly worried about all those building changes between classes--breaking down, setting up, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Swan, Sam

Swan, Sam left a positive review 7/28/2020

Some of the information was repetitious but it is good to hear the information again.

Holcomb, Mary C

Holcomb, Mary C left a positive review 7/28/2020

Very informative. Answered a lot of questions that I had about the fall semester.

Volk, Mark

Volk, Mark left a positive review 7/28/2020

I thought it was very thorough and well presented.

Eldridge, Richard

Eldridge, Richard left a positive review 7/28/2020

very well run---cogent, direct, and useful