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Math Jr Colloquium

Speaker: Vitaly V. Ganusov (UTK)

Title: Structure-imposed constraints make Brownian walkers efficient searchers

Abstract: T lymphocytes, cells of the adaptive immune system, face the challenge of finding rare targets in various tissues. To optimize the search for rare targets it has been proposed that T cells might perform a random walk with long displacements called Levy walks enabling superdiffusive behavior and shorter search times. However, whether the observed random walk patterns are driven by agent-intrinsic programs or being shaped by environmental factors remains largely unknown. I will present our recent work in which we used intravital microscopy to track movement of T cells in the liver. By combining the analysis of experimental data with computational modeling we provide evidence that liver structure has a major influence on the movement patterns of T cells and their efficiency at locating the infection.

Thursday, April 8 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm

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