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NE Colloquium: Michal Kostal

Title: "The Use of Integral Experiments for Nuclear Data Benchmarking."

Integral quantities can usually be measured much more accurately than differential nuclear data, so it is tempting to use such data for validation, sometimes even for improvement of differential nuclear data. Such integral data can be spectrum-averaged cross sections or cross section ratios, kinetic parameters or leakage spectra. Nuclear data section of IAEA stated, that experience from the analysis of criticality benchmarks indicates that data adjustments on such benchmarks are not unique. An obvious example is fairly good performance of all major libraries in predicting the criticality of major benchmark cases in spite of relatively large differences in the cross sections, where good performance is achieved mainly due to compensating effects. Similarly, blind application of data adjustment techniques can lead to data files that apparently perform well in selected integral benchmarks but violate the uncertainties in experimentally measured differential nuclear data. Both LR-0 reactor and 252Cf Lab are suitable for performing of integral experiments suitable for validation of differential quantities.

Michal Kostal is a graduate of a PhD degree at the FNSPE in the specialization of nuclear engineering with a PhD thesis titled, “Transport of neutrons and photons in the structural components of the VVER-1000 reactor.” Currently, Kostal works as a researcher at the Department of Neutron Physics and a reactor physicist at the LR-0 reactor at the Řež Research Center. He is the author of a set of a reactor physics benchmarks in IRPhEP NEA, member of the IRDFF expert group, and co-author of the new reactor dosimetric library IRDFF-II. He also is a contributor to the International Nuclear Data Evaluation Network on the Evaluated Nuclear Data of the Structural Materials project, and an associate editor in the Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science.

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Wednesday, March 3 at 1:30pm to 2:30pm

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NE Colloquium, NE Spring 2021


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