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RockyTopics: Allyship and Antiracism

Join the Office of the Dean of Students for our continued series exploring challenging and timely campus and community topics. 

This event features faculty, staff, and students engaging in conversations regarding allyship and antiracism. Collaborating partners include the College of Social Work, Office of Multicultural Student Life, and representatives from the Student Government Association.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 5:30pm

Virtual Event
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Meetings & Conferences


Diversity & Inclusion


Current Students, Faculty & Staff

Student Government Association
College of Social Work, Dean of Students, Multicultural Student Life


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Abigail Brumfield

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Recent Activity

Sheehy, Andrew Thomas

Sheehy, Andrew Thomas left a positive review 6/8/2020

Informative and necessary.

Fogarty, Christy Joy

Fogarty, Christy Joy left a review 6/8/2020

I wasn't able to attend it wouldn't let me into the zoom meeting.... really wanted to hear...

Brown, Chiara Ashley

Brown, Chiara Ashley left a positive review 6/8/2020

This session was great, i felt as though this was heavily focused on my white peers, which is great. It was a safe space for people to ask questions, dialogue, and get needed answers. I felt as though i was used as a voice of support in my group. While yes i am still supporting my black peers, this might look a little bit different than what whit people might have to do to actively be anti-racist

Farrior, Nayasha Natica

Farrior, Nayasha Natica left a positive review 6/8/2020

The content was great. I would have liked for it to start a little earlier. My breakout room was slow getting started talking and honestly I don't know if we ever really got into the groove.

Sorensen, Soren P

Sorensen, Soren P left a review 6/8/2020

I was unfortunately not able to see it. When I logged on I was informed that there were 300 participants and the maximum had been reached. Hopefully you can use another method in the future that allows for more participants.

Lee, Theresa M

Lee, Theresa M left a positive review 6/8/2020

I appreciated the introductory comments, the discussion group, the follow-up and look forward to the reading list.

Herron, Freida

Herron, Freida left a positive review 6/8/2020

This was much needed. Logistically it is hard to manage 300 folks on a zoom, and even though there were some technical problems it was still very helpful. On the plus side, there have never been any Rocky Topics sessions with this kind of reach - the technology problems can be worked out and we should do this again!

Bindner, Moira Ann

Bindner, Moira Ann left a positive review 6/8/2020

This was the best event i have participated in at the University of Tennessee. To be in a zoom room with 300 other people and be able to discuss a challenging topic. I thank Dean of Students Shea Kidd Houze for her leadership and her team of faculty members and staff. RockyTopics is a compassionate and thoughtful way to approach hard things. I look forward to more topics. I also look forward to conversations across generational lines with students, staff, and faculty.

Kurtz, Beth

Kurtz, Beth left a positive review 6/8/2020

This was my first Rocky Topics and I thought it was a very welcoming, open and educational discussion. I'm new to UT as a staff member and am constantly impressed by how accepting and caring the leadership seems to be. I will attend more Rocky Topics in the future.

Sensky, Haley

Sensky, Haley left a positive review 6/8/2020

I really enjoyed this event but I really wish it would have been a space for just students to be able to talk amongst ourselves. In the beginning as we introduced ourselves there were so many adults and few students but every student had a position or job somewhere on campus. I did as well so it was fine but it would have been very intimidating if I had not. It also was maybe uncomfortable to talk about certain student issues when teachers were present. I think brining staff to the table is a wonderful idea and I think hosting this with students and staff separate maybe would have been a better experience because we are able to relate to one another far more. Also I know many students who were locked out of the event because 300 spots were filled so quickly ( I was even locked out of the event but I FaceTimed a friend to join the convo) and I just think it took away from a lot of students who would have benefited from the conversation. Next time I would love to see two separate sessions and THEN a session with all of us together.