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Women's Climb Time & Meetup

Find camaraderie and develop a close bond over the shared passion of climbing.

Get inspiration from fellow Vol badass girls who climb, whether you have never climbed before or crank 5.11.  Women’s’ Climb Time 

Hear words of encouragement, relax, and feel good vibes while you climb, regardless of your decision to go for it or back off.  No pressure (even if that pressure is just in your own head) to act totally different.  

Find yourself welcome, supported, and in good company. No need to prove yourself – come to learn, come to hang out, come to crank, trade tips, find friends, and fellow rope guns.

Each meetup is hosted by your female Vol Wall climbing staff and instructors, who are there to:

  • help make connections if you just want to find climbing partners (for on and off the rock)
  • teach you climbing technique, from “I’ve never climbed before” to helping refine your footwork for your project.







You’ll enjoy their kindness, expertise, patience, inspiration, and guidance – our staff is there to help you climb better.

UT’s Women’s Climb Time & Meetup is, in the words of the FlashFoxy website:

 “an experimental space that helps us acknowledge the growing community of women climbers, build solidarity with one another, and play with the possibility of climbing differently.

We want to re-imagine our relationships with climbing without feeling pressured to conform to masculine social norms, and for some of us, to subvert them.

Instead, we ask: How should we climb together? What do we climb for? And how will these experiences transform our relationship with climbing everywhere?”

We can’t wait to find out. See you on the wall.

The Details

Free. Includes all the gear (shoes, harness, belay device) if you need it.

Thursdays, 6 pm – 8 pm. Just show up. No need to register.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Vol Wall, HPER Building Gym, 202b 1914 Andy Holt Avenue, Knoxville, TN

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