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Science Forum

The weekly UT Science Forum provides the general public, students and other researchers an opportunity to learn about the latest cutting-edge research at UT, ORNL and other local institutions.

Grab your lunch and join us Fridays at noon in Thompson-Boling Arena Café for an opportunity to discuss the latest scientific research with distinguished professors and researchers. Presentations are 40 minutes and designed for the general public. A question-and-answer session follows each presentation.

Interested in speaking or know someone you would like to recommend? Please contact Mark Littmann, Program Chair, by email or call 865-974-8156.

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Upcoming Events

Borneo—A Disappearing Tropical Treasure

Borneo, the third largest island in the world, is known for its complex tropical forests, dramatic coastlines, and rich biodiversity. The land and rivers...

2/23 12pm
Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

The Knoxville Urban Wilderness (KUW) in Eastern Tennessee is part of a larger global trend of acquiring vacant lands within urban landscapes for their...

3/2 12pm
Why Do Chickadees Have Such Complex Calls?

The "chick-a-dee" call of chickadees and titmice is a ridiculously complicated vocal signal. In fact, some researchers have argued that it is the most...

3/23 12pm
Into the Mist: 25 Ways to Die in the Smokies

Of the 468 fatalities that occurred in Great Smoky Mountains National Park between 1931 and 2013, most resulted from the victims’ imprudent judgment or...

4/6 12pm
From the Ashes: The World of Fire Fungi

After wildfires, a unique guild of pyrophyllus fungi appears on burned ground that are never observed on unburned soils. Where do they come from? What are...

4/13 12pm

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