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Lunch & Learn: Study Abroad on a Budget

Are you wanting to study abroad but you’re worried about the cost, both before and during your program? Join the Programs Abroad Office as we talk about all...

11/20 12pm
Level Up: How to Get Ahead with an International Internship

Engaging with a different culture in a professional setting can set you apart in a variety of different ways. An internship abroad can also provide insight...

11/21 4pm
Summer Study Abroad: Intermediate Spanish Language in Seville Info Session

Immerse yourself, this summer, in a classic Spanish setting and earn 6 credit hours of intermediate Spanish language. Seville, located in the south of...

11/21 4pm
Internship and Research Abroad Resume and Cover Letter Review

Calling all students applying for a UT Academic Internship or the UTK International Research Opportunities Program in Summer 2020! Need help with your...

11/21 5pm
International House Thanksgiving Dinner

Join the International House for our annual Thanksgiving dinner celebration! Enjoy a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey, stuffing, and more!

11/25 6pm

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Moskowitz, Matthew Barnet

Moskowitz, Matthew Barnet left a positive review 11/6/2019

It was a wonderful presentation of how wrong people can be when they think of what Iran, as a whole, has to offer to its inhabitants and its visitors!

Cedeno-Erazo, Ruben

Cedeno-Erazo, Ruben left a positive review 11/3/2019

It was a great lecture. I liked the fact that Dr. Parang took the audience through a cultural Iranian trip, he highlighted important areas like the ancient city of Persepolis, Cyrus the Great, the story of Esther and the poetic writings of the Shahnameh. I want to thank Dr. Parang for taking his time to answer a few questions and highlight the importance of the lecture.

Patra, Rounak

Patra, Rounak left a positive review 10/31/2019

It was great!

Patra, Rounak

Patra, Rounak left a positive review 11/6/2019

It was great!

Huff, Aliza Faith

Huff, Aliza Faith left a positive review 10/7/2019

The food was amazing!!! I loved the whole experience!

Nieves, Zachary Ryan

Nieves, Zachary Ryan left a positive review 10/9/2019

I had a lot of fun. The food was good. We played trivia and I met some new people.

Nieves, Zachary Ryan

Nieves, Zachary Ryan left a positive review 10/7/2019

It was a lot of fun. We made pretzels and crumble topping.

Koelsch, Kevin Loyd

Koelsch, Kevin Loyd left a positive review 10/6/2019

Very cool. Well structured

Ademola, Adedasola Aanu

Ademola, Adedasola Aanu left a positive review 9/20/2019

It was great!

Richters, Karen

Richters, Karen left a positive review 8/18/2019

It was really fun, but the food ran out before my table could get some and not everyone on my team was able to get a prize (we were one of the winning teams). Otherwise, it was high energy and crazy fun!