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John C Hodges Library

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"Bag It" Documentary Screening

Through one man's quest to stop using plastic bags, see how plastic has affected health, consumer merchandise, and both land and marine ecosystems.

2/18 6:30pm
Diversi-Tea: Best Practices in Inclusive Teaching

Diversi-Tea is part of an ongoing effort to facilitate communication among faculty, staff and graduate students about issues related to inclusive teaching...

2/19 1:30pm
Best Practices in Publishing for Graduate Students

The Best Practices in Publishing program, sponsored through a partnership between the Graduate School and the UT Libraries, provides opportunities to discuss...

2/19 5:15pm
The Best Practices in Teaching Program

The Best Practices in Teaching program provides opportunities to discuss teaching-related issues with new and experienced faculty and peers from across the...

2/20 5pm
An Introduction to Reacting to the Past (RTTP)

Are you looking for new ways to engage your students in course material? Having issues with student attendance in your class? RTTP consists of elaborate...

2/21 3pm

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Winfrey, Claire Camille

Winfrey, Claire Camille left a positive review 4/4/2018

Loved it! These kind of events make UT a fun place to go to school!

Francis Tharpe, Zach

Francis Tharpe, Zach left a positive review 1/30/2019

it was great

Everman, Carson Nicole

Everman, Carson Nicole left a review 11/14/2018

This movie was most definitely eye opening, and at times hard to watch. However, it was creatively crafted even if in a dark way. I felt sick watching the way the mother treated her son and just continued to hope that she would eventually respect him for who he was. I thought it was creative how the political aspects that were going on during this time in Venezuela was shown through the background almost nonchalantly. For example, comments about citizens making sacrifices for the president and what not were talked about on the tv almost as "background noise." The other piece that really caught my eye was how the mother thought she had messed up and that her son was sick because he was gay. That was something that was an issue way back when but is also still a current issue now. I do not find it coincidental that the son had more feminine characteristics and the mother had a more aggressive tone about her. I found that to be another creative way to show the underlying theme. Overall sad movie but also a powerful movie. I am glad I came out to see it.

Hayden, Joanne I

Hayden, Joanne I left a positive review 10/25/2018

She was very prepared, held kids attention.great visuals and voice, enthusiastic. Good questions followed.

Wood, Lauren Christine

Wood, Lauren Christine left a positive review 10/18/2018

Very helpful! I'm just now starting to develop a newsletter for the program I work in, and it was helpful to hear everyone share about their challenges and tips for success.

Goddard, David

Goddard, David left a positive review 10/18/2018

It was awesome to come together, hear what we're all doing, and start fostering some ideas across campus(es).

Hayden, Joanne I

Hayden, Joanne I left a positive review 9/25/2018

Did not think shebanswered students’s questions.

Hayden, Joanne I

Hayden, Joanne I left a negative review 9/5/2018

Unimpressive...... lots of whining.

Akamo, Damilola Olayinka

Akamo, Damilola Olayinka left a positive review 9/19/2018

It was an insightful moment at the event.

Barde, Aditya

Barde, Aditya left a positive review 9/19/2018

It was very helpful, Susan, my mentor was very calm and she guided through each of the steps in lucid manner.