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John D. Tickle Engineering Building

851 Neyland Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996



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ENVR/WR Seminar: From the Plot to the Catchment Scale: Towards the Next Generation of Hydrodynamics - Sediment Transport Models

Abstract: In the era of the Anthropocene, organic-rich landscapes of the Upper Midwest in the US previously covered by prairie plants and forests have been...

10/18 3:40pm
Smart structures for Smart cities:  GEOTECH/STRUCT/MAT/CONSTR Seminar: Real-time dynamic control of civil engineering structures in the face of natural disasters

Abstract The protection of infrastructure is a critical and complex issue faced by civil engineers in the face of natural disasters. Earthquakes are...

10/18 3:40pm
TRANSP Seminar: Assessment and Management of Transportation Assets: An Intelligent Approach

Abstract Knowing the locations and conditions of transportation assets, such as pavements, bridges, traffic signs, and pavement markings, plays an important...

10/18 3:40pm
ISE Seminar

Dr. William Paiva Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation Artificial Intelligence and other analytics approaches applied to...

10/19 2:30pm
TRANSP Seminar: When Forecasting Fails – Assuring Infrastructure Performance in an Uncertain World

Abstract Forecasts of needs for and performance of transportation and other civil infrastructure systems are essential for supporting design and decisions...

11/8 3:40pm

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ISE Seminar


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Morales, Salvador

Morales, Salvador left a positive review 10/11/2018

It was an excellent seminar with great work behind it.