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John D. Tickle Engineering Building

851 Neyland Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996



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SAMPE UTK January Meeting

The January Student Chapter Meeting will start with discussing opportunities for members to travel to and compete at this year’s SAMPE Conference in Seattle....

1/28 6pm
Dr. Benjamin Leibowicz

Title: Urban land use and transportation planning for climate change mitigation: A theoretical framework Abstract: Cities account for 75% of global...

1/31 2:30pm
Liang Lei.

Title: "Pore-scale gas hydrate behaviors within sediment matrix." Abstract Gas hydrate is an ice-like compound with guest molecules trapped in cages made of...

2/6 3:40pm
Robert Bachus.

Title: "You Be the Judge… Ash Cell Failure at TVA Kingston Fossil Plant." Robert Bachus is a senior principal engineer based in Georgia with more than 30...

2/20 3:40pm
Soheil Soghrati.

Title: "Micromechanical Analysis of Materials with Complex Microstructures: Automated Modeling and Deep Learning Algorithms." Soheil Soghrati is an...

3/12 3:40pm

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Davis, Joseph Cameron

Davis, Joseph Cameron left a positive review 9/18/2019

Very informative. The lecture reinvigorated me in my studies. Thanks !

Hunt, Austin Nicholas

Hunt, Austin Nicholas left a positive review 2/28/2019

Very well done. A lot of information delivered in a way that was easy and fun to digest. A+

Morales, Salvador

Morales, Salvador left a positive review 10/11/2018

It was an excellent seminar with great work behind it.