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Ken and Blaire Mossman Building

The Ken and Blaire Mossman Building is a six-floor facility designed for collaborative research and features the latest in teaching technology, The 221,000-square-foot building uses the collegiate Gothic style that thematically links it with other new campus buildings.

1311 Cumberland Avenue Knoxville, TN 37996

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Stonecipher, Ken

Stonecipher, Ken left a positive review 9/1/2019

Very helpful information.

Mcpherson-Siegrist, Natalie Victoria

Mcpherson-Siegrist, Natalie Victoria left a positive review 4/22/2019

Great discussion! Learned a lot about scientific journalism that I didn't know before! Will definitely be following Joe's Big Ideas

Liu, Yajie

Liu, Yajie left a positive review 9/19/2018

Give us much knowledge about the economical ways for developing medical diagnosis.

Martin, Liz

Martin, Liz left a positive review 9/6/2018

Great presentation! Very informative and cool to see the different perspectives in Deaf culture when combined with different cultures in different countries!

Ken and Blaire Mossman Building

Ken and Blaire Mossman Building posted a photo 8/17/2018