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McClung Tower and Plaza

1115 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, TN 37996



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Three Kinds of Borders: Geographic, Linguistic, Cognitive

This talk surveys a number of recent and in-progress studies of the interface between linguistic detail and cognitive classification in the study of Southern...

2/21 3:30pm
A Dull Boy: Stupidity and Affect

Stupidity after Enlightenment examines literary and cultural writings from the later eighteenth to the middle twentieth centuries, a period which sees the...

2/25 3:30pm
“Getting His Goat: Desire, Subjectivity, and Animal Husbandry in Robinson Crusoe”

In “Getting His Goat,” Professor Paul Kelleher explores the ways in which Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719) can be understood as a deep—often opaque and...

2/28 3:30pm
"Robert Hooke's Prosthetic Gods" - Lynn Festa

Sponsored by the Transatlantic Enlightenment Seminar Tasked with the fabrication of instruments in his capacity as curator of experiments for the Royal...

3/7 3:30pm
2019 Philosophy Tennessee Value & Agency Conference

The Tennessee Value and Agency (TVA) conference has been running annually since 2012. It has attracted some of the most active philosophers on topics...

3/8 5pm

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Veach, Breanna Layne

Veach, Breanna Layne left a positive review 9/19/2018

I had fun! The line was so long though, but that was to be expected.

Young, Ziana Marie-Nakette

Young, Ziana Marie-Nakette left a negative review 8/25/2018

This was not a good event for this first VNL. I encouraged first year and freshman students to attend all to regret making them do so when I arrived. It was not supporting for the amount of people. Really not as engaging for the first one. That sets the tone for the rest. And I honestly believe a lot of students will not be attending the other one because on the first one.

Madden, Melissa Ann

Madden, Melissa Ann left a negative review 4/10/2018

Food not as good as last year. NO pinto beans!! Never saw any free giveaways.

Wilson, Michele

Wilson, Michele left a positive review 4/10/2018

This was my first year and I really enjoyed the event! I was impressed with the flow of people through the buffet line. There was plenty of seating for me and my colleagues. I even met a few new people outside of my department. I was greeted in a very nice fashion by the folks at the registration table. I also enjoyed the speech by Chancellor Davenport. The tents, balloons and music made this a very festive event. I'm proud to be a part of UT!

McClung Tower and Plaza

McClung Tower and Plaza posted a photo 10/27/2017