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Stonecipher, Ken

Stonecipher, Ken left a negative review 4/1/2020

This was the worst session I have attended. 24 hour previously in a sessions with the Dean of the Graduate School, it worked fine. I said I was interested and registered for this session and I could not get in. I did nothing wrong and send multiple emails to ask what happen. It was implied that it was my fault I could not get in session. I was promised the materials by the instructor and I have never seen anything, The problem is that people running these sessions do not know how the tech works and then blame the students. This was a very big disappointment and a loss of credibility for the grad school staff running these sessions,.

Stonecipher, Ken

Stonecipher, Ken left a positive review 3/31/2020

Good information. Well worth my time. Thanks

Gillmore, Alexis

Gillmore, Alexis left a positive review 3/30/2020

Thanks Chris for working through technical difficulties and presenting some ideas that helped me refine my thinking about looking for mentors! I wasn't expecting to get any discussion or activity; that was a definite bonus.

Patra, Rounak

Patra, Rounak left a positive review 3/29/2020

It was good

Li, Mi

Li, Mi left a positive review 1/9/2020

Very helpful! thank you!

Brown, Shannon

Brown, Shannon left a positive review 8/1/2019

Great instructor!

Talley, Keima

Talley, Keima left a positive review 8/5/2019

As someone totally new to Canvas. I enjoyed that it was relaxed yet informative. I plan to register for other Canvas events to assist me as I will be teaching 1 elective course in the future.

Vuia- Riser, Jennifer

Vuia- Riser, Jennifer left a review 7/30/2019

It was good, but the bulk of it was spent on forms and simple equations. I think it would be better if it was split into two different workshops: 1 for forms and charts and another workshop for working more on macros. I attended it for more information on macros and felt like the macros and charts were rushed because so much time was spent on the forms portion.

Vuia- Riser, Jennifer

Vuia- Riser, Jennifer left a positive review 7/28/2019

Kourtney was great. He explains things really well, and he shows you multiple ways to do the same item so you can figure out what way is easiest for you.

Brown, Shannon

Brown, Shannon left a positive review 7/30/2019

New employee here. Best IT training I've ever had. The online Zoom format did not have any lags. The information was clear and concise, and the ability to follow along, ask questions, and have a worksheet for future reference was very helpful. Can't wait to attend more. Thanks Kortney!