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Pedestrian Walkway

The Pedestrian Walkway is located in the heart of campus. It stretches from the east end of Andy Holt Avenue to Volunteer Boulevard.

Between Andy Holt Ave and Volunteer Blvd

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On Campus, Outdoor

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Italian Club @ UTK International Festival

Come see our booth at International Festival! Check out our fantastic foods that include pizze, focacce, pasta salads, and lots of baked goods. Swing in a...

9/21 10am

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Last Day Lunch


Props to Profs


Thanks for Tanks


Recent Activity

Franklin, Moriah

Franklin, Moriah left a review 4/25/2018

I felt there could have been more organization and planning in terms of getting people "in and out" quicker. A suggestion for next year would be to have several ready-made templates to hand out to people waiting in line along with several blank cards and use several alumni at the front of the line to proof each letter. It was frustrating to stand in line for over an hour while the same people sat in the same chair because they couldn't figure out what to write.

Kardos, Marton G

Kardos, Marton G left a positive review 4/6/2018

I was expecting a few more booths on the Walkway, but the ones we visited were great. Keep encouraging people to recycle and reduce their footprint.

Pedestrian Walkway

Pedestrian Walkway posted a photo 2/28/2018