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Pedestrian Walkway

The Pedestrian Walkway is located in the heart of campus. It stretches from the east end of Andy Holt Avenue to Volunteer Boulevard.

Between Andy Holt Ave and Volunteer Blvd

Place Type

On Campus, Outdoor

Upcoming Events

Students are smiling as they talk at the German Club booth at the International Festival.

The International Festival is a vibrant celebration of UT's global community. Student groups and organizations host booths with food, activities, art, and...

9/20 10am

Recent Events

BOFL: Bloom


Recent Activity

Soto, Legna

Soto, Legna left a positive review 11/6/2019

Love it!

Kramer, Kelly Dawn

Kramer, Kelly Dawn left a positive review 9/26/2019

Great event, but it would have been helpful if the group performance times had been included on the UT Calendar post.

Metcalf, Hannah

Metcalf, Hannah left a review 8/19/2019

Basically confirmed what I thought and they just showed on a map where to go.

Pedestrian Walkway

Pedestrian Walkway posted a photo 2/28/2018