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Pedestrian Walkway

The Pedestrian Walkway is located in the heart of campus. It stretches from the east end of Andy Holt Avenue to Volunteer Boulevard.

Between Andy Holt Ave and Volunteer Blvd

Place Type

On Campus, Outdoor

Upcoming Events

Get the Scoop on Philanthropy

The Center of Student Alumni Programs invites you to test your trivia skills and Get the Scoop on Philanthropy. Students will have an opportunity to learn...

8/30 11am
International Festival

The Festival is the largest event hosted by the International House. Held each year outside on Pedestrian Walkway in the center of campus, this event brings...

9/27 10am

Recent Events

Last Day Lunch


Big Orange Friday


Recent Activity

Metcalf, Hannah-Lizzy

Metcalf, Hannah-Lizzy left a review 8/19/2019

Basically confirmed what I thought and they just showed on a map where to go.

Smith, Ashley Nicole

Smith, Ashley Nicole left a positive review 3/29/2019

The fair was amazing and so much fun!

Salazar Bonilla, Andrea Beatriz

Salazar Bonilla, Andrea Beatriz left a positive review 3/13/2019

It was awesome! all the activities and the Tips for make our spring break great!

Wilson, Michele

Wilson, Michele left a positive review 9/21/2018

This was FANTASTIC! The food, the music and the opportunity to meet and talk with people about their home nations was truly amazing. I hope this event continues for years and years and year.

Blaylock, Kim

Blaylock, Kim left a positive review 10/27/2018

LOVED IT!!!!! Awesome food, great music, very friendly people, gorgeous trinkets for sale. If it hadn't been a rainy evening it would've been perfect! :-)

Winfrey, Claire Camille

Winfrey, Claire Camille left a positive review 8/24/2018

Good, well attended event

Toledo, Rossy

Toledo, Rossy left a positive review 9/19/2018

Fun and informational. Thanks!

Ferguson, Joe

Ferguson, Joe left a negative review 8/29/2018

I was very disappointed in the Welcome Back event at the Pedestrian walkway. It was very small and the advertisement said "free food". When Vol Dining says "free food" we expect something other than a bag of chips. The table setup was also out of the way and it was not noticeable that the table was "Vol Dining" considering there were other tables set up and even people selling donuts.

Lundell, Brian Scott

Lundell, Brian Scott left a positive review 8/24/2018

Lot's of fun! So many booths!

Francis, Jade Marie

Francis, Jade Marie left a review 8/24/2018

It was a really interesting place and I learned a lot about things I didn't even know I wanted to learn about! One criticism though. No art club booth? Not even a crafting club? Despite all the insight and fun, I was thoroughly disappointed as I am a casual artist and that was my main hope going out to this event. Coordinators gave me helpful advice on how to find an art club on VolLink(nothing came up for art or crafting club though)and how to start my own club. I have to say, the latter will most likely be my next move. I have to share my love for drawing and needle-felting somehow!