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Second Annual HR Roadshow

Once again, Human Resources is rolling out the orange carpet and popping up shops all across campus. When you stop by the HR Roadshow you can meet with an...

1/4/2019 11am
Invisible Labor in Higher Education

Guest Speaker Dr. Christine Stanley College and university mission statements espouse the value of a diverse campus environment. Many lament the fact that...

1/11/2019 9am
David L. Dungan Memorial Lecture

“History and Race: The Letters of Paul in antiquity and modernity” by Laura Nasrallah. Laura is a professor of New Testement and Early Christianity at...

2/19/2019 5:30pm

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Tigani, Anslee Francis

Tigani, Anslee Francis left a positive review 11/13/2018

I thought it was really good! He was very engaging and I liked what he had to say.

Hayden, Joanne I

Hayden, Joanne I left a positive review 10/24/2018

her delivery seemed like poetry..... well versed and well done. Kids did not seem prepared. Many not aware of Oak Ridge, Manhattan project, area history. Unfortunate.

Hayden, Joanne I

Hayden, Joanne I left a positive review 10/8/2018

Very interesting..... so much money spent that could help living veterans!!!!! FIX SOUND SYSTEM!!!!!!!

Cohn, Allie

Cohn, Allie left a positive review 10/13/2018

This was an awesome day! I learned so much. Thank you!!

Svoboda, Britta Lyn

Svoboda, Britta Lyn left a positive review 7/17/2018

It was great! I am excited for what is to come!

Wood, Lauren Christine

Wood, Lauren Christine left a positive review 7/17/2018

Helpful presentation! I knew I had a lot to learn, and now I feel better equipped to ask productive questions.

Ziegler, Lauren A

Ziegler, Lauren A left a positive review 7/17/2018

Your presentation was fantastic. I had no idea there were these resources available for colleges and departments. I am looking forward to working with admissions and Lauren on targeting students more closely.

Clark, Brooks

Clark, Brooks left a positive review 7/17/2018

It was very interesting. I'm glad to see your segmentation and scheduling!

Beeler, Julie

Beeler, Julie left a positive review 6/20/2018

Pretty good stuff. I did feel like I was a novice in a room full of many experienced folks. Not that that's a bad thing, but I felt better aligned with the last fellow who spoke up with the "basic" question about how often to post or the group from the extension office that spoke about pages to keep/kill. I'm from a department that doesn't have anything but a FB page, of which I'm not even the administrator right now! I have no idea how to use analytics or what things like Hootsuite have to offer. I did learn things, though!

Also, I had a really tough time hearing the main presenter (with blonde hair). Please ask folks who facilitate your round tables in the future to stand. From where I was sitting, I couldn't see her face (or move where I could), so it was tough to follow her talking at time. I had no problem hearing the facilitator from the library, as she had better voice projection and I could see her face.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to more roundtables and offerings like this one.

Wood, Lauren Christine

Wood, Lauren Christine left a positive review 6/20/2018

Thanks for hosting this event! I walked away with a number of helpful ideas that will help me work more effectively and efficiently.