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Botzakis, Stergios George

Botzakis, Stergios George left a positive review 2/28/2021

The process was clear, quick, and safe. Thank you so much!

Moore, James

Moore, James left a review 3/17/2021

I did not get it I received a text saying to come and I went but was told I was not signed up to get it then I got this message asking how it was I thought I was signed up to get it wish I could

Loveday, Armintha A

Loveday, Armintha A left a positive review 3/17/2021

Very well organized and friendly workers.

Campbell, Lori M

Campbell, Lori M left a negative review 3/17/2021

This process was highly confusing and not very well explained. The sign up process was not well instructed to say the least. There was no instruction to 'create an account' to make an appointment but rather the only instruction was to create an account if you needed to cancel. Despite that I created an account and still only had 'I'm interested'. I apparently did not get an appointment and the lady at the registration desk said that she had already had 7-8 people with the same problem and gave me a card with a web address on it. It seems to me that if you have to have further instructions as the registration and multiple people have had the same issue, there's a problem. I also recognize that people most often leave negative reviews vs. positive. Here's mine. Negative. Disappointing. Below standard.

Mitchell, Nikky

Mitchell, Nikky left a negative review 3/17/2021

didn't get o attend , cause the nurse wasn't the actually date that I was to take it. It was really confusing, on how they said to sign up, but didn't explain it correctly

Sexton, Sharon K

Sexton, Sharon K left a negative review 3/16/2021

Misleading information was provided. The site said no appointments were available for March 17 and March 18, but that I could show interest in the vaccination event (for both days). I didn't understand if that meant I should show up or not, so I didn't. I wish I had known whether or not I was able to come get my 1st dose of the vaccine. It was extremely confusing.

Graves, Florence Frances

Graves, Florence Frances left a positive review 3/15/2021

The process was smooth, fast, and not painful. The nurse who gave me the shot was pleasant and all the staff were friendly and helpful. Made the process stress free and great. Thank you.

Stallings, Kathy Kay

Stallings, Kathy Kay left a positive review 3/14/2021

Everyone was very nice and helpful. Worked me in last minute.

Smith, Adrianna Sherel

Smith, Adrianna Sherel left a positive review 3/14/2021

It was very fast! They checked on my and let me sit in a room with a medical professional present while they waited to make sure we had no bad side effects. It also helped that the shot barely felt like a prick.

Hardy, Brian W

Hardy, Brian W left a positive review 3/9/2021

This was very well organized and everything ran smoothly. I walked in 2 minutes before my appointment and 4 minutes later I was done. Great job to all involved!!!!