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Student Recreational and Fitness Center (TRECS)

2111 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, TN 37996


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Sunrise Yoga

8/23 7:45am
Morning Ride

8/23 8:15am

8/23 12:30pm
Killer Core

8/23 1:15pm

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Schappert, Nichole

Schappert, Nichole left a positive review 8/20/2019

Anna was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed her teaching style and the pace of this asana was a great warm-up into yoga/meditation.

Quirion, Kelly A

Quirion, Kelly A left a positive review 8/20/2019

So relaxing, exactly the meditation I needed starting classes this week.

Rivadeneira, Joel Pad

Rivadeneira, Joel Pad left a positive review 7/2/2019

It was fun!

Wilson, Michele

Wilson, Michele left a negative review 6/19/2019

When my colleague and I arrived at 3:15, the event had been shut down, so we didn't get to collect any information or get a t-shirt. When I called the organizers I was told they were sending emails to notify that the event (that was suppose to run until 7 pm) was ending early due to weather concerns. I didn't get an email. Maybe post on the Calendar of Events, so people can check before they head across campus.

Sommardahl, Carla S

Sommardahl, Carla S left a positive review 5/1/2019

Great workout for balance, strength, and flexability

Francis Tharpe, Zach

Francis Tharpe, Zach left a positive review 1/30/2019

it was great

Francis Tharpe, Zach

Francis Tharpe, Zach left a positive review 1/31/2019

it was great

Mason, Samantha Sue

Mason, Samantha Sue left a positive review 1/19/2019

I wish our group wasnt so big so we had more to do. The size of our group and weather made things pretty unorganized but i enjoyed the event. I already knew a bit about the organization Mane Event, as im an equine person but it was fun to watch others dip into the atmosphere and come together to do something for strangers. Had some laughed a met new people. I will be doing the Day of Service events again!

Simon, Emily Noel

Simon, Emily Noel left a positive review 1/14/2019

The workout was fun and tough. Although the session was cut short, it gave me a good introduction to TRX, and I plan on going again for a full 30 minute session.

Huang, Samantha

Huang, Samantha left a positive review 1/11/2019

Similar to the beginner class