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East Tennessee Chinese New Year Festival

Chinese New Year is coming to Knoxville! To welcome the Year of the Mouse and the coming of spring, and celebrate thousands of years of tradition, the...

1/26 3:30pm
Study Abroad: Gilman Scholarship Info Session

Are you a Pell Grant recipient who is interested in learning more about how you can receive up to $5,000 to study or intern abroad? Or are you a child...

1/28 11am
Budget Allocation Model Open Forum

Please join Chancellor Plowman along with steering committee co-chairs Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor David Manderscheid and Senior Vice Chancellor for...

1/28 1:30pm
Chancellor Plowman Hosts Drop-In Office Hours

Chancellor Donde Plowman is hosting drop-in office hours in the Student Union. No appointment necessary.

1/28 4pm
Adulting 101 How to Navigate Tax Season

Are you ready for tax season? Do you know how to navigate taxes as a student? Join the Center for Student Engagement for Adulting 101 to learn more & have...

1/28 5pm

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Yamato Drums


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Ganusov, Vitaly

Ganusov, Vitaly left a positive review 1/21/2020

Good idea. My worry is that the same people will come and thus we will be saturated with discussion. How to make new folks to come?

Kramer, Kelly Dawn

Kramer, Kelly Dawn left a positive review 1/21/2020

LOVED THIS! It was a fun, energetic show and I would love to see them back on campus in the future.

Bluhm, Jenae Elise

Bluhm, Jenae Elise left a positive review 1/14/2020

I'm very glad I went; provided great resources.

Fowkes, Kevin Price

Fowkes, Kevin Price left a review 1/13/2020

I got there just in time to get one of the last sliders. I'd say not bad. I appreciate the food offering.

Weathers, Matthew

Weathers, Matthew left a negative review 1/13/2020

I arrived at 12:35, 35 minutes into a 3 hour event, and all of the hot dogs and hamburgers were gone with a small amount of salad left. Very poorly planned considering it took place in one of the busiest parts of campus at lunchtime. I expect more from student engagement.

Melendez, Joshua Luis Mark

Melendez, Joshua Luis Mark left a positive review 1/12/2020

I had a wonderful time. It is an honor to hear from Dr. Robinson.

Wilson, Shayla Kay

Wilson, Shayla Kay left a positive review 1/8/2020

One of my very first experiences with events outside of the classroom for the University of Tennessee and my college life in general and I can say it was absolutely phenomenal. I originally went into it with the mind that it would just be an incredibly interesting subject for me to hear, and then came out with not only a new perspective on race relations as it correlates to higher education, but also a lot more useful information on how research is conducted in the field I wish to go into. I also gained a better insight in how to phrase the questions I wish to ask in a more professional way. The speaker was also very charismatic and used humor as an effective way to diffuse the normal tensions that come with heavy subjects like race relations within the United States. Though judging by the people around me a lot of students were simply there because they had to be for whatever program or class they were in which did kill the atmosphere a bit for me. The reasons in which it did so were because I experienced people using their phones without headphones, rude hecklers that yelled at the people brave enough to come forward with questions, and just the sad look of some people clearly not wanting to be there.
Tldr; Great talk, Wonderful engaging speaker, Came out with knowledge that will help in my classes, A minority of people were rude there

Kramer, Kelly Dawn

Kramer, Kelly Dawn left a positive review 12/17/2019

Wonderful program, I just wish more people had been able to attend. Dr. Misawa was very knowledgeable, thoughtful and engaging.

Howe, Justin R

Howe, Justin R left a positive review 12/2/2019

I want to thank Chancellor Plowman for providing opportunities for feedback, input and dialogue. Great organizations are built on trust, vision, shared understanding and prudent risk, all of which contribute to great command climate...or in our case, the Volunteer Spirit. Thank you Chancellor for opening doors, hearts and minds. Regards, Lieutenant Colonel Justin Howe

Patra, Rounak

Patra, Rounak left a positive review 11/24/2019

It was great