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Thompson-Boling Assembly Center and Arena

1600 Phillip Fulmer Way, Knoxville, TN 37996



Upcoming Events

UT Men's Basketbal Camp 2

Basketball Day Camp #2 We will also utilize Pratt Pavilion for these camp times.

6/19 7am
UT Men's Basketbal Camp 2

Basketball Day Camp #2 We will also utilize Pratt Pavilion for these camp times.

6/20 7am
Engineering Expo

The Office of Engineering Professional Practice's Engineering Expo is the premier event for recruiting engineering co-op and internship students here on the...

9/17 2pm
Engineering Professional Practice Interview Day

The Engineering Expo is an open forum where you will see students interested in co-op and internships, as well as some who may still be undecided. Students...

9/18 8:30am
Fall Job Fair Week

Fall Job Fair Week is comprised of 3 job fairs held on back-to-back days. Each Fair offers a different focus on majors and career paths. Engineering/STEM...

9/23 3pm

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Recent Activity

Maples, Laura

Maples, Laura left a positive review 12/13/2018

Well organized and so much fun!

Mcjilton, Mara Vignjevich

Mcjilton, Mara Vignjevich left a positive review 10/17/2018

great way for students to connect with potential internship or job coordinators. Made a lot of contacts for the upcoming year with internships

Pigott, Kaylee Brooke

Pigott, Kaylee Brooke left a positive review 9/26/2018

I thought there were many companies, I wish they had been more geared towards internships, as most of the companies were looking for full-time.

Meade, Sarah

Meade, Sarah left a positive review 9/26/2018

I liked the job fair. I got to talk to a lot of government people and was able to ask the questions I need to ask in order to help me solidify a decision in a possible future career.

Player, Michael Alan

Player, Michael Alan left a review 9/24/2018

The companies were not very specific on who they wanted. Had to ask each table individually if they were hiring chemical engineers and most times I had to wait in line to ask this.

Grindall, Karin Coulter

Grindall, Karin Coulter left a positive review 9/20/2018

The man from South College Pharmacy School gave me a flu shot. I felt nothing. It was fabulous!! The rest of the event was great too. I have a lot of info to review this weekend.

Francis, Kea Meshel

Francis, Kea Meshel left a review 9/18/2018

The initial treatment you get from recruiters looking for people from your specific major is vastly different from the reactions of recruiters not looking for your major. Some are polite while others treat you like a waste of time even though you may have experience from electives, minors, and internships related to what they are looking for. This response came from professional recruiters. It's very discouraging. Also, I am looking for opportunities outside of Tennessee and surrounding states so the fair wasn't the best place for me.

Dye, Gregory Todd

Dye, Gregory Todd left a review 8/29/2018

I discovered that this was no help for the context of my situation.

Fonseca, Samantha Ann

Fonseca, Samantha Ann left a positive review 8/29/2018

I enjoyed the fair a lot. It let me look at positions that were more serious like Human Resources, but it also let me look at positions like bartenders, which in my case was helpful.

Wood, Ryan Anthony

Wood, Ryan Anthony left a positive review 8/29/2018

It was a good opportunity to meet and explore the local options for part time work.