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Thompson-Boling Arena at Food City Center

1600 Phillip Fulmer Way, Knoxville, TN 37996



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Lane, Stacy Lynette

Lane, Stacy Lynette left a positive review 5/8/2019

I have not issues with this.

Gutzwiller, Leah

Gutzwiller, Leah left a negative review 2/18/2020

There were only two companies hiring bme students and one of them was the space institute and the other was looking for mostly juniors and seniors and only had one internship position open per semester. I felt like the distribution of majors within the college was not accurately represented in the companies present at the event.

Uselton, Kelsey

Uselton, Kelsey left a negative review 2/18/2020

I was expecting to get a lot of good information about opportunities, but most of the people I talked to could not provide information on different areas of the company and only knew their specific domain so they couldn't tell me if what I was looking for was available. Also, none of the companies I talked to were offering interviews and just said to go to their website to apply which made the Expo feel kind of pointless. They couldn't tell me what their different internships dealt with and they would just say to look at a page on their website which meant I did not get any useful information in person and I was going to have to apply online anyway so there was really no point to coming to the Expo at all.

Ali, Simrah

Ali, Simrah left a negative review 2/3/2020

Was very business and engineer oriented.... Not enough options for other majors / fields to grow.....

Smith, Skikila Arnice

Smith, Skikila Arnice left a positive review 12/12/2019

Commencement was amazing....!!!!

Hobbs, Megan

Hobbs, Megan left a positive review 9/16/2019

The Engineering Expo was an excellent opportunity to talk to numerous Civil Engineering companies about possible future internships and co-ops!

Kraklau, Bali Catalina

Kraklau, Bali Catalina left a positive review 8/18/2019

Super fun, awesome experience!