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UT Institute of Agriculture Events

Wednesday, May 5

Co-Parenting Parenting Apart Class

A 4-hour class for divorcing parents

2021 Hanover Research Grantsmanship Workshop

We are pleased to announce that AgResearch and the College of Veterinary Medicine will co-host the 2021 Virtual Grantsmanship Training Workshop provided by...

Virtual Event
Beginner Sewing Classes

If you would like to learn to sew or improve your sewing skills so that you can Do It Yourself as the popular DIY programs encourage, this class is for you....

Pressure Canner with Canning Jars

Bring your pressure canner to be tested, free of charge.

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Free Walking Group for Adults! May 5 - Denso Eco Park (140 Private Brand Way, Athens) May 12 - Eureka Traill (1300 E. Madison Avenue, Athens) May 19 -...

Wednesday, May 5