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UT Institute of Agriculture Events

Monday, July 26

Photo of a butterfly on a flower.

Did you know that there are butterflies all over the world that travel hundreds of miles during their lives? Butterflies come in all sorts of colors and...

Take Charge of Your Diabetes

Jointly presented by the Blount County Health Department and the University of Tennessee Extension, this 6-week series is designed for people with diabetes...

Outdoor Meat Cookery

4-H students will be taught how to safely handle, prepare, and grill meats utilizing an outdoor charcoal grill.

4-H Prospective Honor Club Meeting

4-H members in grades 6th - 12th who are interested in doing more than classroom participation. The club's focus will be on leadership and citizenship.

Smokey emoji

Webinar series about "hitting home runs" in parent/child relationships.

Virtual Event

Monday, July 26