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UT Institute of Agriculture Events

Thursday, September 7

1st Thursday Beef Meeting

Speaker: Dr. Bruno C. Pedreira Topic: Knowing More About Your Soil to Better Grow Forages Please RSVP to 901-465-5233

Certified Lawn Care Professional

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect lawn? Well, this may be your chance! UT Extension is starting a self-paced online Lawn Care Course. For only...

Virtual Event
BQA and Master Beef Calendar

Here is a calendar for our upcoming BQA classes for September. Also, we are offering two Master Beef Classes September 22 and October 13. Contact...

Virtual Event
TSU Small Farm Expo

Come join us to learn about a variety of topics that would be helpful for those with small farms, or those considering getting into farming. Workshops...

2023 BQA

Beef quality Assurance is a national program that provides guidelines for beef cattle production. The program raises consumer confidence through offering...

Anderson County 4-H Pullet Show & Sale

Come Support our 4-H Youth! Add gentle & well-cared for pullets to your backyard flock. Pullets are 23 weeks old! There will be Rhode Island Reds, White...

Thursday, September 7